Firefox: When you cannot connect 

Security Suites are not purposely evil  

First and foremost!  90% of your problems will be solved by reading these:



Read them and read all of it.  Follow the links.


If none of this works the problem might be caused by an overly protective security suite.  Here are some things you should try.

Please note:  I don't use any of these programs so this is nothing more then suggestions found at .


Do you use Spybot Search and Destroy?   

If so, did you install Teatimer?  If you did uninstall teatimer.  (Jury's still out on this.  However, it is easy enough to reinstall)


Do you use Kaspersky Internet Security?

Version 7.0 + 

See the KB

Version at least 6.0:

Click on settings

Click on anti hacker

Enable the firewall (if it isn't already)

Click on Firewall settings

On the apps list, double click on Firefox

On the first item, DNS Service, change to Allow

Change HTTP and  HTTPS to Allow.

Change Localhost Activity to Allow


Save these rules and you should be able to connect.  They might be other items to allow to make things work properly.


NOTE: Kaspersky is having a problem with DNS.   See    for more information.


Do you use Norton Internet Security?

See this:

And this (from Symantec):




This is just a start.  Please PM Loudnoise at  if you have info to share.



What's yer connection problem bub?  You might do this checklist:


Connection Checklist!