I would like to offer the following noise level prediction services:

● Collaboration to assist with noise impact assessments.
● Using project component information and site layout to  simulate and predict the sound pressure levels for the area surrounding the site.
● Plot the sound pressure levels on a satellite view of the site and surrounding area.
● Detailed day and night time ambient, generated and cumulative sound level predictions for selected PORs (Points Of Reception).
● Suggesting and simulating sound level reduction barriers and other techniques for the project.
● Preparing noise impact assessment reports.

I also offer customized software development services, I have experience in:

● Creating software to automatically geo-reference maps or symbols into KML files that can be viewed on GIS applications such as  Google Earth and ArcGIS.
● Creating software to implement a Product Activation Code system to ensure the product is protected from improper usage.
● Creating a simple, minimalistic Windows based server and interfacing it to software products to
access files required to run the application.
● I could re-use any portion of products I have developed such as dB Foresight, Elevation mapper or ATS Mapper to create a new application for your requirements.
● I have experience developing a commercial software product for in retail stores to assist customers to find products within the store. The portion I developed was to assess the signal levels from the ultrasonic transducers throughout the store to ensure there was adequate coverage for the receiver.
● Experience with creating GUIs, redo/undo features, file open/save features, threading on one PC core, multi-processing on multiple PC cores, automatic graphics creating and cropping, plot creation based on arrays, numerical array computing, creating installers, complex numerical array sorting, email generation, scientific computing, creating forums, user manuals and programmer’s guide.
● I can work for a fixed price or provide an hourly rate. I can provide a detailed proposal with the work scope, specifications and schedule.


The following are some of the clients I have or am providing services for:

GTE Solar Inc, Calgary Alberta, Canada

● Noise level prediction and impact assessment reports for 5 PV solar ground mount  projects in Ontario, and several in Alberta

● Noise level prediction and impact assessment reports for several natural gas powered power plants in Alberta

GTE Solar Inc Logo

WSDG, New York, USA

● Noise level prediction and impact assessment reports for a 22 MW natural gas powered backup generator and HVAC for a data centre outside of New York city.


Alonso Carrillo M., Santiago Chile

● Noise level prediction for a mining operation and earth-moving machinery in Chile.

Please provide a summary of your needs on the form on our Contact Us page. We will promptly get back to you to discuss how we can provide services for your project.

Or contact me at:

Roger  Zimmerman
regular mail:
5836 Dalcastle Cres NW
Calgary, AB, Canada
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