Noise Level Prediction Software

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dB Foresight can be used to provide the input required for assessment of noise impacts in the vicinity of any new facility, or upgrade is for planning, regulatory approvals or public consultations. The noise impact assessment can be used to guide the facility design or layout, to ensure that local noise level regulations are not exceeded. dB Foresight noise mapping software uses scientific principles to predict the sound levels on site and surrounding the facility. The software algorithms use the international standard ISO 9613 methodologies to predict noise levels. It calculates sound propagation in octave band A-weighted levels. The noise level prediction methodology considers geometric divergence, atmospheric damping, ground absorption, heights of sources and receptors, and screening from obstacles (building, barriers, berms, etc.). Noise attenuations are computed due to both man-made and natural barriers due to the project area ground elevation topography.

dB Foresight Software Features

●Simple, easy to use Graphical User Interface, to enter your project data information.
●Instant creation of georeferenced noise level plots, can be viewed in Google Earth, or any GIS application that views KML files.
●Output data, plot images and georeferenced plot files are produced in CSV (Excel), KML, PNG, BMP, JPEG and TGA formats.
●The noise impact information from dB Foresight supports regulatory licensing applications, public consultations, municipality licensing applications or environmental/historical assessments.
●Proven, accurate noise level predictions, based on ISO-9613 standards.

dB Foresight Version 3 has the following new features, and improvements:

● Customized barriers: louvered or split barriers which are partial louvered and partial solid
● Increased component count: Sources-500, Barriers-500, Custom Barriers-500, PORs-500
● Increased resolution: up to 1000 divisions per axis
● Increased speed: restructured software to run up to 10 times faster or more depending on configuration
● Ability to include day and night time ambient SPLs for the PORs
● Improved POR SPL output data table, which includes the day and night time data
● Selectable current or previous data input: can be used to fine tune plotting for data already computed in a previous project, includes setting the previous project SPL data file
● More flexibility in the plot settings, including plot height, resolution and marker types
● New Cmet feature: this is a meteorological correction based on the site location and know conditions
● Simplified POR height is now the “Receiver (Map) Height”, so that it can be set with one point
● Intermediate output data files for improved impact analysis and mitigation
● Ability to exclude barriers for selected sources (ex: if the barrier is the source enclosure).

Elevation Mapper Software

We recommend the Elevation Mapper, elevation map creation software to create CSV elevation data files compatible with dB Foresight. The elevation data is used by dB Foresight to determine noise level attenuation due to natural barriers and other effects due to the topography. The Elevation Mapper software can be downloaded from their website located at their website

ATS Mapper Software

Check out another of our products called ATS Mapper at . This is a software product that creates KML map overlays of the Alberta Township System legal land descriptions in Alberta.