Download the dB Foresight Win32 installer for Windows PCs (Windows XP, to Windows 10)


Download the dB Foresight, User Guide And End User License Agreement

The User Guide includes the:
● End User License Agreement
● Warranty description
● Refund policy
● Functional specifications
● Product installation and operation instructions.

The current user guide is version 3.01. However, the dB Foresight software is at version 3.1. There were no feature differences between the two versions, so the user guide is still adequate. Version 3.1 corrected an issue which could occur with a certain number of cpu cores as well as increased the reliability when it encountered some errors.

To try out then purchase dB Foresight follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and install dB Foresight with the installer file. Your browser’s downloader may give a warning about this type of file because it is an exe file. You can ignore that warning and request it to continue with the download. The installer is guaranteed to be free from viruses, spyware or any malicious code.

Step 2:  Try out dB Foresight. Use the User Guide to help get started, but it is fairly intuitive to run.

Step 3: If you find dB Foresight useful then fill out the payment form below.
I have ongoing hosting, server and maintenance costs, and require continued funding to keep dB Foresight  running, so any payment amount is greatly appreciated!!


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