Procedural texture generator

All the images in this sites has been crafted with the noiselab tool. E-mail team at .


Where is it?
download : (see bottom of this page for last version) or download Source here , download exe here.
If upper links are broken go to bottom of this page , there, are always the last verions

 What's this? 
 A  tool to generate random procedural noise. Add effects over noise , mix different noises , export to color bitmap , Black&Wite hightmap and normal map .
The core idea comes from my article : Procedural-seamless-noise-texture-generator

How do you create it?

System requirements?
.Net 4.0.
Some ram , the tool is limitless in noise dimension. If you try big dimension you may get a memory fault error.

How to use it?
a. use the class cnt_noise.dll into your .net aplication
b. or use the following editor

hmm ... about the editor.. it seems quite difficult..
copy and past the following script in the editor and push Run

set2D 512 384
F_Noise 8 150 150 0.5 15 11
AddColor 0 0 139              //add colors gradient:
AddColor 46 139 87            
AddColor 244 164 96           
AddColor 0 128 0
AddColor 165 42 42
AddColor 255 250 250
savePng colCube 2
saveNormal colCubeN 1

and you get : 

Or select a pre-made script from :
click "Load script" , then "Run".

How can I get a list of avaiable operations?
Try the list box on the right. It contains all the public metods avaiable

What about 3d noise?
Like this ?
Procedural looppable 3d noise example : the SUN


Morphing noises


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