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Because I can. 

noirs little link box (I dare you?)

Hello everybody! First thing first.. Welcome to my simple website! It is surely my pleasure to have you here, I simply assure you that. Here can you find *almost* everything you can possible imagine. So let me introduce you to my little link box...

If you click on Miraniz, you come to a page about a World of Warcraft-character. May I warn you that you can faint because it is very, very geeky page...

Arrested Development is my favorite sit-com. But I can't talk and joke about it with anyone I know so I started a pr-page about A.D. I hope you start to watch it so we can laugh about it. Maybe we could do the special chicken-dance together? Anyway, the next link is:

My gaming addiction wich show you how much WoW I play and what did I listen to. Nothing much, maybe I add something extra soon.

But the main page is without no doubt The-Thumbs-DG.That page is a clan page for the "game" Deathgame