Steps Taken

We have been working on this issue since 2011 and have:
  1. Approached Noida Authority but response from Noida Authority is abysmal. There have been many personal representations, objection letters submitted, many online complaints but they are not responding.
  2. Many RTIs filed but they made mockery of the RTI system. Some of the received responses are:
  3. - File RTI with appropriate department (whereas RTI has been filed with RTI officer who has internally distributed to appropriate departments).
    - Construction & implementation of the project will be done after taking necessary approvals from the appropriate departments (but how come they have proposed these plans and commenced construction without taking necessary approvals).
    - Re-initiated RFPs (again how come construction has been initiated if proposal is in RFP stage and no EIA has been done).
  4. No approvals from CPCB and UPPCB.
  5. Filed a written complaint with:
  6. - Shri Prakash Javadekar (Current Minister MoEF) and Smt. Jayanthi Natrajan (Minister MoEF during UPA), Minister of Environment & Forests (Update: Ex-minister MoEF)
    - Sh. Akhilesh Yadav, Chief Minister, UP
    - Sh. Kamal Nath, Minister of Urban Development
    - NCR Planning Board, CPCB and UPPCB
  7. Initiated campaigns to bring awareness in the vicinity
  8. Initiated a online petition at for bringing awareness and support for the initiative.
  9. Filed a writ petition with National Green Tribunal (Principal Bench, New Delhi) against the location chosen for the proposed project by Noida Authority.
  10. Petition got disposed by National Green Tribunal (NGT) on ground of pre-mature filing based upon Noida Authority's admission that they do not have all plans ready and approvals in hand at the time of hearing. NGT ordered status quo to be maintained at site in question till the time all plans and approvals are in place wherein allowing applicant to reach out to all stakeholders and NGT again later if Noida Authority gets all required approvals from all stakeholders.
  11. Monitoring situation on regular basis, keeping an eye on communication from Noida Authority in regard to SLF and / or any kind of waste management plan for next course of action.