Noida Authority has proposed a SLF / Landfill (waste management / segregation & processing) and / or waste-to-energy plant at Sector 123, Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The location of “Sector 123, Noida” chosen by Noida Authority has 5 schools including a play school cum creche, a primary school and  highly populated & under-construction residential sectors and villages of Noida.

Also, the proposed project is adjoining Pushta Bandh of Hindon River, interstate FNG (Faridabad-Noida-Ghaziabad) Corridor which will connect Haryana (Faridabad) and UP (Noida & Ghaziabad) and is on the only & the sole connecting road (Link Road) that connects Noida with Greater Noida (West) via bridge over Hindon river.

Our lives have been put on stake by Noida authority by initiating this plant that will process upto 1500 metric tons of waste everyday. Noida Authority doesn't seem to care that this plant would emit poisonous gases, toxic fly ash and heavy metals causing air pollution and groundwater contamination. This would lead to health issues like types of cancers, birth defects, asthma, sleeping difficulties and many other health hazards.

The location for the said project is in complete violation of all environmental norms and will be extremely hazardous for residents in proximity due to its location. The chosen location of proposed project at Sector 123, Noida is a classic example of poor vision and lack lustered planning.

The worst part is that construction has already started without any environmental impact assessment and mandatory approvals from competent authorities. The authority is simply denying any ongoing construction, even when the construction is clearly visible to everyone (Please visit Noida Ka Ghosla at Facebook for most upto date pictures).

Please note that there is absolutely no problem in having "RIGHT" waste management strategy for Noida that complies with Municipal Solid Waste (Management & Handling) Rules 2000 and is in interest of residents of Noida for whom strategy is being created but the proposed project at Sector 123 is being progressed by Noida Authority by ignoring concerns of residents in proximity.