Online Petition

To bring awareness among citizens and to support our cause; we have created a online petition at to register our objection / protest with appropriate authorities. 

We on behalf of all residents in proximity, humbly request each citizen of the country & abroad to review and sign this petition in support of our fundamental "Right to Life and Clean Environment" for ourselves and our families.

Please make sure that you at least write few words regarding your reason for endorsement as it will solidify our case against the proposed landfill / waste-to-energy plant at Sector 123. Reason can be environment related, health, hygiene, its impact, socio impact etc. etc. or anything that you deem fit.
Please note that every time you sign; a copy of your endorsement along with the petition will reach each and decision makers connected with town planning and waste management stream.

Request you to please sign the petition in interest of all and share the petition via emails / social media (Facebook / LinkedIn / Google + etc.) to support residents who are on the verge of becoming victim of autocracies of Noida Authority.