Q. What is Noida?
Noida (New Okhla Industrial Development Authority) is a satellite / industrial town having residential & industrial clusters in the state of Uttar Pradesh, next to capital of India i.e. "Delhi".

Q. What is Noida Authority?
Noida Authority is the city development authority for NOIDA (New Okhla Industrial Development Authority) and is governed by the state of Uttar Pradesh. A reference link has been provided in Important Links section for Noida Authority's public website for everyone's convenience.

Q. What is Noida Master Plan?
Theoretically, Noida master plan is the long term perspective plan for guiding the sustainable planned development of the Noida city. This document "should" lay down the planning guidelines, policies, development code and space requirements for various socio-economic activities supporting the city population during the plan period. It is also required to be the basis for all infrastructure requirements for the Noida city as well.

Q. What is a Sanitary Landfill (SLF) / landfill?
In layman’s language, a landfill is a site or a dumping ground where variety of waste including municipal waste, industrial and biomedical waste (including dead animals & hospital waste) from Noida will be brought, stored, segregated and processed / decomposed using various techniques.

There are various types of landfills including ones above ground like Ghazipur and now days below ground level also (again new plant at the back of Ghazipur and many more).

Q. What is Ghazipur landfill mentioned above?
Ghazipur landfill is one of the sanitary landfill in east of Delhi and adjoining satellite town "Noida". Please refer to below-mentioned URLs for more little detailed information on Ghazipur landfill.
Q. What is Waste-to-energy (WtE)?
Waste-to-energy (WtE) or energy-from-waste (EfW) is the process of generating energy in the form of electricity and/or heat from the incineration of waste i.e. burning waste at extreme high temperature.

Q. Is SLF at Sector 123, Noida same as the one near Crossing Republik, NH-24 (National Highway-24), Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh?
No, these are two different projects proposed by respective development Authorities. SLF at Sector 123, Noida is proposed by Noida Authority within Noida and "Dumping Ground" near Crossing Republik & Ansal's Aquapolis is the brain child of Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (Municipal body of Ghaziabad township).

Q. What is the size of land proposed to be used for landfill/WtE project at Sector 123, Noida?
The size of land is approximately 45-50 acres out of which 25 acres will be used for waste management i.e. waste segregation & processing as per Noida Authority officials and rest area will be used for landfilling.

Q. Which all residential clusters / sectors / apartments & villages are in proximity of the landfill/WtE site at Sector 123, Noida?
Though there are many residential projects & villages in proximity of the landfill site but ones within a distance of 3 K.M. or less are mentioned below in alphabetical order.
 # SectorResidential Cluster NameAerial Distance from landfill site (approx.)
[In Kilometer]
1119Amrapali Platinum1.114
2120Amraplai Zodiac1.601
363Behlolpur Village1.432
4121Cleo County (ABA Builders)1.245
5119Eldeco Amantran, Magnolia Park & Inspire1.156
6121Garhi Chaukhandi Village0.136 & 0.10 (from the other end)
7 Greater Noida (West)Gaur City1.818
8119Gaur Grandeur1.437
9Greater Noida (West)Haibatpur Village2.234
10121Homes 121 (Ajnara & Gulshan Homz)0.175
11122Independent Plots0.589
12122Parthala Khanjarpur Village0.751
13120Prateek Laurel1.545
14120RG Residency1.452
1573Sarfabad Village1.821
16122Shramik Kunj (Noida Authority)0.304
Sorkha Village2.400
18117Unitech Unihomes2.309
And many more...

Q. What are the other disadvantages of setting up this landfill / WtE project at Sector 123, Noida apart from having residential cluster in proximity?
We leave decision of calling it an advantage / disadvantage to all viewers of this page / site. The only information that we can share is that:
  • There are 3 senior secondary schools along with 1 primary school & 1 creche / day care center within 400 meters - 2 KM of Sector 123, Noida
  • Landfill site is adjoining FNG (Faridabad, Noida & Ghaziabad) Expressway and is on the sole road connecting Noida & Greater Noida (West) i.e. Noida Extn.
  • Landfill site is adjoining Hindon river bed and river stream (at approx. 300 meters from certain points). This will certainly not further damage dying Hindon river, will  not contaminate water table & will not damage river bed as well and will have no impact on ecology of the area, right?
Q. Has this SLF (landfill) and / or waste-to-energy (WtE) plant at Sector 123, Noida operational now?
No, only construction for internal & external boundary wall is in progress.

Q. Is landfill/WtE site at Sector 123, Noida currently in use by Noida Authority for dumping trash?
No, only construction for internal & external boundary wall is in progress along with some excavation inside the plot.

Q. If the landfill/WtE at Sector 123, Noida is not operational then why objections are being raised for the proposed plant in today's date?
The objections are being raised as Authority is going ahead with construction in a discreet mode without necessary approvals. Noida Authority states that they are doing construction for anti-encroachment boundary wall which indeed we have no objections to but why construction of internal boundary wall is in progress.

There is visible excavation at many places in the middle of Sector 123. If Noida Authority is only doing construction of anti-encroachment boundary wall then why this excavation done. During NGT appointed local commissioner's visit, Noida Authority has admitted that internal boundary wall is for SLF and 20 meters distance between internal & external boundary wall will be used as a  buffer zone / green belt around the landfill/WtE plant.

This clearly indicates that Noida Authority is going ahead with construction in a discreet mode to avoid any confrontation with residents and if voice is not raised in today's date then it will be next to impossible to have this plant removed once constructed.

Q. If the proposed landfill/WtE at Sector 123, Noida is such a serious issue then why hasn't it been brought into limelight by NGOs, so called bureaucrats, politicians and media?
Very simple, because no one has died so far (sorry, but that's how things work here!).

Q. Could not understand statement "no one has died so far" in response to the above question?
Until there is an epidemic, massacre, calamity claiming thousands of life, no one will pay any heed to a issue in our country. Voice has been raised against vicious plan of Noida Authority in advance to avoid any such unwanted incident. Should we wait for a unwanted incident to happen first before raising our voice?

If yes then let us have these plants next to homes of Noida Authority officials first.

Q. Is landfill ever proposed / included in Noida Master Plan?
Noida Authority has proposed Hi-Tech Sanitary Landfill at Sector 123 in Noida Master Plan 2021 along with carving out high & medium density residential sectors i.e. Sector 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121 and 122. Noida Master Plan 2021 was approved on 09 Sep 2005 when no one existed in proximity of Sector 123.

Later, Noida Authority rechristened High-Tech Sanitary Landfill (term used in Noida Master Plan 2021) as “SLF” in Noida Master Plan 2031 after receiving the objections from property buyers and / or residents in proximity.

Q. Can a Master Plan be changed once approved?
Yes, per law, a Master Plan can be changed based upon any such requirement from Authority and / or based upon suggestions / objections by residents. Noida Authority is required to have a board meeting requesting the change and reason for the same.

Q. What if, if the landfill / WtE proposed at Sector 123, Noida is in compliance with current environmental laws?
It is certainly not and even if it is then also no authority / government has right to endanger life of thousands of citizens. Constitution of India via Article 21 entitles "Right to Life and to a Clean Environment" to every citizen of the country. If a law is not appropriate and is not in interest of people at large then it has to be changed at any cost.