Who are Michael and Debi Pearl and how did No Greater Joy Ministries begin?

Michael Pearl answering Bible questions
Blessed to be 
in good homes, raised by moms and dads who were faithful to point them to God, Michael and Debi Pearl grew up around Memphis, Tennessee. Mike, a graduate of Mid-South Bible College in Memphis (now Victory University), has actively been involved in evangelism and the work of the ministry he continues since he was a teen. He was originally with Union Objective in Memphis for 25 years, while he and Debi also ministered to the many military households in Memphis and pastored churches. They later relocated to rural Tennessee where they continued in their work by holding Bible studies in local homes, which ultimately resulted in routine meetings of the regional body of believers, and by starting a jail ministry. 

Debi Pearl sitting in the grass
God eventually led them into the ministry of helping people with child training and family relationships, which they now feel is their life's work and calling. In addition to the ministry of NGJ, the work of the prison ministry, objectives, Bible studies, and family life is still ongoing. The Pearls have been wed since 1971, and have 5 children and 20 grandchildren (and counting!). The Pearl children were involved in their parents' ministry from an early age, and in their the adult years continue to be involved in some way in ministering where they currently live.

What does NGJ do now?

After moving to rural Tennessee, Michael and Debi began writing books and holding conferences to help the many people asking them for guidance on training their children and have a happy and unified marriage. If you're interested in receiving for free the monthly magazine that answers questions from readers and provides more useful tips for healthy family relationships, sign up here

The books that Mike and Debi have written have sold over a million copies now - a testament to both the hunger people have for answers and the practical help provided. Find out more about their specific books on this page.

The Pearls are also involved in many other ministries. One is their active YouTube channel. Here Mike answers a Bible Question:

A "New" Approach to Teaching Values from No Greater Joy

Everyone has always been entertained by comic books in one way or another. Recently, a new kind of comic book has been presented and has been accepted and valued by everyone. The comic book bible is a cartoonized presentation of the Bible. It is definitely ideal as a gift to youngsters who find it unappealing to browse through a heavily written book.
no greater joy books
It comes in different stories, mostly focusing on the lives of the prophets and the important teachings that have been carried out for centuries.

Otherwise known as a graphic novel, this presents young and old alike with colored illustrations of favorite Bible stories retold for so many centuries now. It attracts the minds of young readers and provides the adults the enjoyment of appreciating the artistic production of the artists responsible for the comics. 

Appropriate text and fun artwork have been incorporated in various versions of the bible as a graphic novel. The makers have also included enough scripture verses in each page to make sure that the readers also learn God's words while still having fun. The words have been quoted directly from the bible so you can rely much on its accuracy in providing you your bible education.

This is just the thing that Sunday Schools need nowadays to catch the attention of kids when it comes to teaching them bible verses. Plus it doesn't appear too intimidating since the whole comic doesn't come as one book.

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