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Medical Field

    Spider silk in the medical field can benefit a variety of patients. Spider silk can be used as stitches and sutures. It is also a great replacement material for tendons and ligaments.
  • Since spider silk can be strong even when it has an extremely small diameter, it can be used in delicate eye surgeries
  • The spider silk's flexibility and strength makes it an ideal replacement for ligaments and tendons
  • A ligament or tendon made from spider silk would be virtually indestructible
  • The aspect of spider silk that makes it such a good material for medical procedures is that it is not rejected by the human body
  • Spider silk does not cause a reaction with the human body
  • Tests have been performed with live humans to see if the spider silk affects the human body in any way (Lewis)
  • Since the human body accepts spider silk, it can safely be used without having to worry about any negative effects on the body of the patient.