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Dog Training Services in Southern, Vermont and Brattleboro, Vermont 

If you have a strong, young dog that is so excited about the world that he/she just can't contain themselves, going into a dog training class with six or more other people and dogs is very difficult.  It is difficult for you to learn and for the dog.  Of course there are all kinds of variations to that picture, including fearful dogs, reactive dogs and dogs that are worried about their environment. I taught group classes for years while accruing teaching hours for certification and it can be very discouraging for people with challenging dogs.

The focus of my business is to give people the time, space, clarity and quality of training that they need to really change their dog's behavior.

I use a method of training is called Positive Reinforcement Training using a Signal Marker. In a nutshell, we replace undesirable behaviors with desirable behaviors, behaviors that we can reward the dog for.  Science tells us that all animals tend to repeat behaviors that they are rewarded for.  We use the sound of a CLICKER as a "marker signal" to tell the dog when they are correct.  There is nothing magical about a clicker.  It is just sound. It could be a whistle or a a bell or just about any sound that is unique to the training picture.

The  "marker signal" is like taking a snapshot of the correct behavior, exactly at the instant it occurs.  It allows us to be extremely accurate at communicating to the dog when they are correct.  The sound of the marker becomes almost as valuable as the reward itself because it is a "predictor" of the reward.  Once a dog learns this system they learn new behaviors very rapidly.  Every behavioral problem has a "clickable" solution.

Anne and Penny
- Day training
"When I started with Noel, my yellow  Lab was 11 mos. old.  I had started training her but I became ill and could not put the needed time into it.  Control of her strength was a major issue.  After working 
with Noel and  her method  of training for a month, although still 
a work in progress  on  my part, I have a very manageable dog. 
She is now going to Doggie Day Care twice a  week to socialize. 
I am so happy I found Noel. My fur buddy is growing up to be a 
wonderful companion.  
Thank you, Noel. " Ann