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Dog Training Services in Southern, Vermont and Brattleboro, Vermont

Welcome! Having a dog should be a joy, not a battle. If you want to change your dog's behavior and build a rewarding, life-long partnership with them, you can. We can do it together!

Never before has the relationship between dogs and people been as rich as it is today. Over the last twenty years, our understanding of dog behavior and how dogs learn has skyrocketed. Changing or modifying behaviors in dogs can now be achieved with positive and rewarding methods that strengthen the relationship between the two of you and help you to build a fulfilling and peaceable partnership.

Using a modern, science based approach to training and behavior, I train dogs and teach people how to build strong, rewarding relationships with their dogs.

I give you the knowledge to better understand your dog and your dog's needs. I teach you the skills needed to set up a clear line of communication between the two of you that will help your dog integrate happily into your home and into our human world. So, come along then! Let's get started!

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