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The human body has an extraordinary capacity for healing and regenerating. That includes the ability to undo many of the wrongs of your youth

"Site still under construction. I am updating this site every day, so please re-vist thank you"

"Drug Companies are not here to bring us health but to SCAM us for vast amount of money, by treating Symptoms and not addressing the Cause"

Noel Christopher will show you how to beat diabetes by means of Natural life style changes.

"Thank you for visting my site. You have come to this site in search of a cure or improve your over all health, then you are one step closer in your search. If you find this site has helped you in any way or like to give advice on how I can improve and help others, please send me an email to; noeldrivingschool@live.co.uk  or leave a comment on About Me page . Thank you."

"With traditional medicine, Diabetes can never be cured. Traditional medicine “fights” Diabetes through drugs that treat the symptoms of the disease, but never deals with the root cause of the disease."

Purpose of this site is:
  • Help people who have dIabetes
  • Bring like minded liberal people together.
  • To educate the people to understand how to manage and cure
  • Help fund this site for good cause
Reversing diabetes is possible. If you are willing to put the effort by changing your life style.

This website is about managing, curing diabetes and other chronic diseases by following Natural life style changes. This website is about honest information and educating the public.

I do not make promises or 30 days guarantees promoting methods or products for financial gains. It is about helping others around the world how to reverse a degenerative by-product disease that shouldn't even exist. Diabetes disease is so common that most of us either have diabetes or we know someone that does have it.

The medical community or pharmaceutical companies has absolutely no interest in curing diabetes, like the 'Billion Dollar' Companies that promote industrial farming, by giving farmers rice seeds that must be bought every year for the next crop (GM crops) or adding ever more sugar into products like sugar free.  Diabetes accounts for over 40% of the deaths in the US from all causes in 1995 (Based on data published by American Demographics). Its currently constitutes one of our most effective restraints on population growth in the developed nations.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, this disease was so rare that it was considered a medical curiosity.

Remember this site is for the good cause of all mankind.

If you need some one to talk to or need that push, I am here. Please call me on 07960952703 or email: noelchristopher08@gmail.com or vist my other web sites.
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Diabetes facts 

The prevalence of diabetes has reached epidemic proportions world wide.

Its predicted that developing countries will bear the brunt of this epidemic in the 21st century. Currently, more than 70% of people with diabetes live in low- and middle income countries.

  • An estimated 285 million people, corresponding to 6.4% of the world's adult population, will live with diabetes in 2010. The number is expected to grow to 438 million by 2030, corresponding to 7.8% of the adult population.

  • While the global prevalence of diabetes is 6.4%, the prevalence varies from 10.2% in the Western Pacific to 3.8% in the African region. However, the African region is expected to experience the highest increase.

  • 70% of the current cases of diabetes occur in low- and middle income countries. With an estimated 50.8 million people living with diabetes, India has the world's largest diabetes population, followed by China with 43.2 million.
    The largest age group currently affected by diabetes is between 40-59 years. By 2030 this “record” is expected to move to the 60-79 age group with some 196 million cases.

Diabetes is one of the major causes of premature illness and death worldwide. Non-communicable diseases including diabetes account for 60% of all deaths worldwide.

Type 2 diabetes: can remain undetected for many years and the diagnosis is often made from associated complications or incidentally through an routine health check (like myself), abnormal blood or urine glucose test.

Type 2 diabetes is responsible for 85-95% of all diabetes in high-income countries and may account for an even higher percentage in low- and middle-income countries.

"In fact, there’s a saying in the drug industry: Cures Kill Profits!"

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