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Noel Christopher
Born in India Madras brought up in Singapore spent my teen’s in London got married, four children and three pets, yes and a goldfish in the pond!

I have been providing driving lessons, both learner drivers and trainee driving instructors since year 2000. I am also an GRADE 6 driving instructor which is the highest grading given by the driving standard agency (DSA) and there are only 5% of us who is grade 6 out of 54,000 driving instructors in UK

I was diagnosed on a routine yearly check at my local GP. The GP surgery called and ask to be seen as soon as possible after getting the blood test results. I was quite shocked but not surprised to hear from the doctor my sugar level was quite high 22 mmol/L. I had to see the diabetic nurse, who was not very helpful but did say I need to change my diet and gave me a booklet about diabetes and need to see the doctor in 1 month time.


At first my medications was;

  • Metformin 250mg per day
  • 1 Month later 250mg Morning and Evening
  • 3 Months later Asprin but my blood pressure and Cholesterol was fine
  • 1 Year later Simvastatin 20mg - Cholesterol was just bit high. Stop taking after 6 months
  • 3 Years later - 500mg Glucophage (slow release Metformin) 1 in the morning and night
  • 4 Years later - 500mg Glucophage 2 in the morning and 2 in the night
  • 5 Years later - Glimepiride 3mg 1 a day - but I stop taking it as it made my day’s horrible
  • 6 Years down - Now have slowly reduced 2000mg per day to 1x500mg per day

Year 2012 January - I have not taken any medication what-so-ever and I have not being sick now for over 1 year. My last test results from the Lab was 6.5mmo/l. If I can you can to.

This was my turning point, taking 2000mg of Metformin per day and Glimepride and still not under control …......

Why didn't the medical profession tell me about the main cause of diabetes?

Mid Year 2011 ...................... now I take no tablets at all. So if you need to cure your diabetes why not call me or email me, its free

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Noel Christopher

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