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prospesw\n ((click on the word to get an example of the greatness of Perseus) 



  The Greatest thing to happen to your Greek life since that wild night with the Eumenides 

    Have you ever stayed up till 2 am trying to get that last line of the Meno translated? Frustrated because you cant find the declentions of words? Well your troubles can be over. Perseus is a project associated with Tufts University in which they have scanned almost all of the great books in both the original language as well as with english translations. They have an extensive Greco-Roman Collection in which you can easily search for and with in any text. The Perseus Digital Library is great for finding quotes for papers and such. But the real god send isPerseus Greek Texts which is for you translators out there. At this site they have all of our seminar books in greek and each word is linked to their own personal declention chart. (Check the word of the week for an example) They have all the texts and all the words you will ever need. I personally don't use their translations or definitions of words because they are a bit off, but it is great for understanding sentece structure.

    Before you get started:

  •  Before you get started you will need to make a few adjustments so that you will be able to see the greek in all its curvaceousness. First, you will need to install a greek font, which thankfully I have given you a direct link to the download of a free font  called Sgreek here: SGreek Font Download. Save this zip file to your computer. You will have to extract the files and almost everyone can do this by right-clicking on the icon and selecting "Extract files..." and then selecting ok. Then open the extracted folder "sfonts20" and select the setup file. Follow the instructions and you are set with that step.
  • Next go to Perseus Greek Texts and at the tope left next to the icon of the pillars there is an option "Configure Display" (<-Click there to go right to the screen) Scroll down and you will see the following on the left side:

Greek display

What encoding do you want for Greek text? For more information, see our font help page.

Latin transliteration
Greek transliteration
Beta code
Unicode (UTF-8)
Sgreek for Windows
Unicode (UTF-8) with pre-combined accents
SP Ionic

  •   Just as you See above you want to have "Sgreek for Windows" Selected. Scroll back to the top of the screen and select "Set Configuration" and you should be all set. 

     If you have any trouble setting up Perseus or have a suggestion Contact Meand I will be more than willing to help. Happy translating!