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Phillip Domfeh  Music

The Acoustic Stylings of Phil Domfeh 

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Immortal Curiosity

 Where all ideas are important

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 Google Pages Guide

Great GPC Tips Page



Do you find that even with the best of intentions, sometimes you “shoot yourself in the foot?”

All of us “shoot” our feet at one time or another, especially when we are stressed. But if you notice yourself doing it often (or every time I _______"), you may be repeating a self-defeating pattern of behavior that sabotages your best efforts.


At Soul Support Counseling we work with you to discover and change your self-defeating behavior into responses that support your life.

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The work of Nancy McClure Brockett reveals her Expressionism-style handling of vibrant and intense colors and reflects her experience of inspiration, transformation and healing. Through a process that has been described as "an odyssey of creativity," Brockett produces paintings rich in texture, color, and shape that draw the viewer into interaction.  






Learn More and Download The Mean Street EP  HERE!

 Phil Domfeh is a very talented musician from central Connecticut. His unique blend of captivating  and soulful melodies, smooth guitar tracks and compelling lyrics have been quickly developing and have reached a pinnacle with his new EP The Mean Street (2006). The single Ants Vs Pants offers the listener a perfect example of depth and simplicity mixed together that demonstrate his unique and meaningful perspective on music. Please visit his website to listen to some of The Mean Street EP, Learn about upcoming shows and other news. 




 Immortal Curiosity


This is a great blog/all purpose website devoted to the persuit of knowledge and all things interesting. Run by an ambitous Johnnie, this site offers copious amounts of material including essays, and links to great sites concerning ground breaking scientific research and philisophical ideas. The purpose is best stated by the author himself:

"On the most general level, I created this website to serve as:

  1. A locus for my writings and thoughts on, and considerations of, topics such as artificial intelligence, human immortality, philosophy, the development of technology and society, as well as the organization and processing of various types of information.
  2. A nexus for my current research into these topics.
  3. A listing of websites and articles concerning the above topics (some more and some less directly) that I find particularly illuminating or interesting."


 Check back often to see the authors interesting discussions concerning philosophical and scientific ideas and their possible impact on the future. Be sure to check out the writing section where you can find som great longer essays dealing with more complex and in depth topics. Check it out and become a Member to get updates and more access for free today!


A Great Google Page Site it Speaks for itself!

"Google Pages are growing in an exponential super crazy way. You can count as many as 33,300 pages (April 4, 2006) already in use. So I thought that I should start organizing stuff arround here!

A GPC Guide was born!!!

    This guide will escort you to the newest, greatest, and most informative Google Pages created till now.

They are categorized by their content and not by their design. For instance, Google Page turorials, reviews, listing, personal, blog, and many more. Check them out by clicking on the links in left menu.

In the ritgh menu you can find the instructions on how to add a link to your website in the GPC Guide. Take a look also at Google Page Creator homepage, Google Groups, GPC Wiki and some useful links."