noël b. saenz

about me

I am an assistant professor of philosophy at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and received my PhD at the University of Colorado Boulder.

I work in metaphysics. The bulk of my present work is in grounding and seeks to show that various principles of grounding have it that (i) certain entities do not exist and that (ii) in order to get certain derivative entities, we need to expand our fundamental base more than the literature on grounding seems to think. The upshot is that we should not be so permissive when it comes to what derivative entities exist and that grounding can be more costly than we think.

I also do a bit of truthmaking, mereology, and modality, especially as they pertain to grounding.

Other interests of mine include applied ethics, metaethics, the philosophy of mind, and the philosophy of religion.

works in progress

the disciplining of grounding (contact me for a copy)

sets and grounding (first draft almost complete)

grounding facts (first draft almost complete)


a grounding solution to the grounding problem, philosophical studies 172/8 (2015): 2193-2214.

against divine truthmaker simplicity, faith and philosophy 31/4 (2014): 460-474.

the world and truth about what is not, the philosophical quarterly 64 (2014): 82-98.

classes taught or teaching

undergraduate: introduction to philosophy, critical reasoning, intermediate logic, biomedical ethics, philosophy and society, value theory, philosophy of mind, metaphysics

graduate: seminar on grounding