The Purpose of the NODPA is to promote the Draft Pony Breeds through club events such as meetings, plowing contests, pulls, auctions, hitch shows, fun shows and other events deemed worth by the board of directors. 
History of the Northern Ohio Draft Pony Association

A small group of men exhibiting at a fair back in 1978 were having small talk, enjoying their family and friends, while socializing among each other while telling tales of days gone by.
The small talk was among Jack Bowman, Henry Whitman, Bob Raw, Ben Winkler, Jim Leiser, Dick Runkle and Dean Woodward. These men decided to form a pony club. Jack at the time was secretary for the Northern Ohio Horse Association. The name of the new club was established from that association making it the Northern Ohio Draft Pony Association. It was the first association of its kind which was established in 1978.

At this time Haflingers were not heard of in this area, but there were a few out west. Robert Monsarrat, from the Columbus area, knew the Haflinger breed well and founded the Haflinger Association of America which was the first registry in the United States for Haflingers. Bob knew of a ranch out west that the owner left Haflinger ponies to roam when he went to Chicago. He passed away leaving their care to a mountaineer who didn’t pay a lot of attention to them.

At this time the small group of men wanted to start the first pony sale for breeders to market their animals. So in 1979 Bob Monsarrat shared this information with them. The men decided to go west and bring those Haflingers back to Ohio thinking money could be made for their new pony club, the Northern Ohio Draft Pony Association. The HAA agreed to buy 7 half starved Haflingers from that ranch in Colorado. So Bob Raw, Henry Whitman, Dean Woodward, Ben Winkler and Tim Winkler made the journey to Grandby, Colorado located in the middle of Arapako National Forrest to rescue the ponies. The ponies would serve as nucleus of the sale they wanted to hold in June in a joint adventure between the NODPA and the HAA. Due to the poor conditions of the ponies the sale had to be postponed. The ponies were ready by July establishing the summer NODPA Draft Pony Sale. 

The first annual NODPA Sale was held at Dean Woodward’s farm in Burbank, Ohio. Out of the 50 head sold 7 head were the Haflingers that made their way to this area. The following year the sale was moved to Wooster, Ohio. In the fall of 1982 the association started a Fall Colt Sale to market the draft ponies. Sales gained in 1987 leading to allowing the proceeds to start an International Show and Pull which further promoted the draft ponies and gave a chance to exhibit against other breeders and owners of draft ponies in a competition style with a fun and family environment. At this time the membership had rose to over 150 plus members and their families. 

The NODPA is a non-profit organization with the objectives of promoting and encouraging the use of the draft ponies. Through the promotion of the draft ponies the NODPA supports the Vance
Cravens Memorial Scholarship Fund. It is offered to active members and their immediate families to assist them in furthering their education.

The NODPA sponsored an International Show offering halter and hitch classes for both registered Haflingers and grade draft ponies the last weekend of June which was the Annual All Age Draft Pony Sale. This featured registered Haflingers, grade draft ponies. In the fall the NODPA sponsored an All Age Pony Sale in conjunction with the International Draft Pony Show and a pony pull the second Saturday in October. Over time the pull was dropped. Then due to economics the sale was no longer able to support a show so it was dropped for several years.

Member Sarah Bookman (above)

Member Mike Bowman (Below)
2018 NODPA Royalty

NODPA King - Kaleb Dale

The 2018 NODPA King is Kaleb Dale. Kaleb is the grandson of members Jeff and Barb Featheringill and the son of former NODPA royalty Kristen (Featheringill) Stock. Kaleb is active in helping is grandparents show their grade and registered Haflingers at several county fairs. Kaleb has is own pony, Brownie, that he saved shortly after foaling when the foal became orphaned. According to his grandpa, they wouldn't have Brownie in the barn if it weren't for Kaleb. Wish wish him the best of luck as NODPA King and have high hopes for him as he represents our club at several county fairs this summer!  

2018 NODPA Scholarship Recipients

The Vance Cravens Memorial Scholarships were given at the annual winter meeting at the Richland Co. Fairgrounds. Scholarship Chairman Ross Baldner presented a checks to all winners who had to submit an application in November of the previous year. 
NODPA Scholarship winners. - Mike Liepold, Robin Liepold and Logan Myers. Congratulations! 

Mike Liepold - Mike is the son of Tim and Sue Liepold of Elyria, OH. Mike attends Lorain County Community College. He also works while in school at Belle Tire as a distributor. 

Robin Liepold - Robin is the daughter of Tim and Sue Liepold of Elyria, OH. She has represented out club as NODPA queen the past two years.

Logan Myers - Logan is a Junior at OSU - Mansfielde studying Business Management. Logan is the Son of Cory and Melissa Myers of Shiloh, OH. 

So What Are Draft Ponies? 
They Are A Miniature Of One Of The Established Draft Breeds (Belgian, Percheron, Clydesdale, Shire, Suffolk, American Cream, Or Spotted Draft.) They Must Show The Conformation Character Of A Draft Horse. In Form, The Ideal American Draft Pony Must Be: Broad, Deep, Heavily And Smoothly Muscled, Neatly Balanced, Sound, Have Ample Style And Quality, Combined With Good Action. A Quiet Disposition, Sound Wind, And Good Eyes Are Utility Points Worthy Of Much Emphasis. 

A Draft Pony Is More Useful And Attractive, And Handles Himself More Easily When He Has More Moderate Length In His Legs Than When The Legs Are Very Short. The Entire Rear Quarters Must Be Suggestive Of Power. A Broad And Long Croup That Is Carried Fairly Level From The Hips To The Setting Of The Tail Is Preferred. The Thighs Must Be Heavily Muscled. The Gaskins Likewise Should Indicate Strength. Draft Ponies With Deep And Well-Sprung Ribs Usually Have A Good Useful Middle, A Drafty Top And A Neatly Carried Bottom Line. Deep, Muscular Shoulders That Are Neatly Laid Throughout And Have Adequate Slope, Are Usually Associated With A Free And Determined Stride.