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As a Permaculture Academy we've experimented with all types of courses for over a decade & we are delighted now to have expanded to a comprehensive range of options for high quality both short and long-term permaculture training and mentoring that is ideal for encouraging a true action-learning (the best way to learn permaculture: by doing)

Here you can see the feedback from our students, we periodically add here the unsolicited evaluation comments that come up in our online community environment.

September 2017

KS, Croatia - "I feel like I finally got a good grasp of what permaculture actually is!"

April 2014

At the beginning of this year we decided to make some time to compile some of the very touching stories that students regularly share in their online design portfolios, about how the course is affecting them.

In the Caterpillar2Butterfly
you can read some articles written by the students themselves, illustrated by the beautiful art-work we are also regularly treated to on the course.

November 2013

YG, Spain - Am very motivated with this course, it's opening my mind & confirming some intuitions I already had.

& during Module 3, Earth Care - 
Incredible in these two classes, realizing the importance of bacteria, the possibility to regenerate soil already lost through our avarice & lack of consciousness, how we can feel & almost touch this universal connection on our planet.
I keep realizing how little I knew, the superficial commitment I had with sustainability, the inconsistencies & dissonances into which I fall many times in my day to day life, in my routines & how much I could achieve.
I find myself on the wide edge that separates my old unconscious life (with small lucid moments) from the new life, fully conscious & committed with my planet and the beings that inhabit it.

RS, Germany This Class came up in the beginning with a lot of familiar stuff which knew already about permaculture design, like the self regulating systems, but during the part about strategies, designs and techniques, this course made me rethink once again all the stuff i believed to know about permaculture, and that is great:) 

BP, Francia - It's been a whole discovery to see that Integral Permaculture put emphasis on personal & social development.  I came at permaculture by reading Bill Mollison, eager to build sustainable & harmonious environments, with respect for nature.   If on the way I could learn a little about energies, even better.   But I didn't expect something so big, so evolved, so advanced.

September 2013

EL, Israel - Wow!! each time I watch a diiferent class I am thinking "this is the best".... each time I am surprised, cause it is just getting better..... just watch the Soil - amazing and fascinating. 

February 2013

NMA (Spain, after the 2.1 Design class):
Leading & leaving our comfort zone... Liderar y salir de nuestra zona de confort ... I have a new vision about the meaning of the word "leadership", which until recently was negative for me.
Now that I've learnt what leaving our comfort zone means, I'm starting to face challenges I delegated to others before, I'll have to learn how to build more leaders. Learning how to be unessential is something else I need to learn how to practice.
I think I'm doing well with the other aspects of this class...

MRJ (Spain, after watching the first conference in the Re-Designing Eros Festival):
Woooooow, I loved yesterday's conference, right now I'm digesting it and I feel my tummy hurts a bit  ;-)

RCO (Spain):
Permaculture means Being Reborn. Because what you had learnt before is almost useless now, because it's essential we deeply change the way we think, analyze, deduce, decide, live...
After 2 & a half months and 3 modules I make less errors in new choices, ... and this is turning up to be a mind-opening-beliefe-shaking treasure in all aspects.
... So apart from being a very enriching experience in knowledge aspects (up till now, there's nothing I've studied that doesn't seem super interesting), it's being very intense internally too. (... will continue)

Nov 2012  

From the first EcoEscucha course

RR (Panamá): This is exactly what I need to move forward and let go of all the crap that's been holding me back. The class was fantastic, content was great - just the right amount of information & stimulation.  No overload.  

 JE (England): I thoroughly enjoyed the first coescucha class :).  I feel this technique will be very useful for working in groups, making decisions and getting to know someone on a much deeper level and i'm very excited to learn more. 

Nov 2011  

J (Spain):  "I feel so refreshed and happy after the classes...  My mindmaps are becoming more and more me-like, and being able to unlock my creativity and my love for learning is making wonders on my mind, and even having unthought secondary effects :)

Specially because I've got to equilibrate it and cycle, instead of burn, my energy. I've got too many questions, but I'm not going to let them go easily.I'm learning, discovering, connecting and enjoying so much so many things. Thank you so much, everyone. 心から。
(J. is also a student of Japanese)

Aside from the motivation, joy and evolving a lot faster (and more!), a very curious side effect is that I'm becoming de-stupidifed, because I'm allowed to do action learning and be creative about what I learn, so I'm recovering some of the intelligence I've been losing through the years of "education" :P 

And it even allows me to do university homework better now, even with no motivation. I don't really know what to think about that, though, but it might save me some time, I guess."

June 2011

After first Module1 of PDC+++

M. (USA): "I LOVED Module 1 - learned a lot and had plenty of insights along the way.  Thank you Stella and Cesar for the Design Portfolio! It is starting to dawn on me the beautiful work you guys do... You are like the teachers I never had, but always wished for. 
Your role is like that of Loving Parents guiding the lost child home... The depth you go to is the depth I longed for in my teenage years... And you are the embodiment of the self-help books I read, but that I was lost in and had no guidance with. You are REALLY going to make me do this! Thank you for holding my hand..."

D. (Belgium): "Module 1 was very inspiring for me, though I don't feel like I have grasped all of it yet.   The integral model stuff is really brilliant, I use that a lot.  Also the group exercises are neat - think/listens, vision support groups and all of that".

C (Spain):  "All of this (that is happening with the course: classes, my study circle..) is a great stimulus for me to move out of my comfort zone ... in which I am still very hidden!  Lucky this lasts one year!!

MJ (Spain):     "Well, in summary: the best cash I've spent in my life! 
I love everything I've learned, am playing with what am learning in my immediate surroundings, 
I feel enriched on a personal level 
& I thank you for letting this be a free process for each of us 
& for offering us so many tools for completing the learning to the extent that each of us wants to.
As for the content of the first module, it has been very enriching on a personal level, it has challenged some of my behaviors & explained some others, it makes me discover things about myself & it moves things about internally, making me reconsider my commitments, responsibly, I come to realize which is the path to take.  I use the e-Book a lot as well as watch the classes a second time. ...   I definitely feel cared for, I've decided to take the truth-pill. ... I love your honesty & the wonderful group we have, I think that being very varied culturally this is very enriching. ... "

Ad (Spain): 
Plus & Minus:
+ Opened mind & soul!
+ New forms of thinking & connecting
+ Joy & optimism
+ Getting to know Stella & César more
+ Knowing my fellow students on the PDC+++
+ Excellent class content, very instructional
+ Very original books & videos
+ My children ask me things about permaculture
- Not enough time ...

A. (Spain): "For me Module 1 was an eye-opener as I was a total Troll, only knew the land-design aspect to do with growing food.   I like very much Stella & César's way of giving the classes, the dynamics & the opportunity they give us to change things to fit everyone, the style, the content & the way of focusing it all.  I also like that any time I express some doubt or query it is answered very quickly."

Nov 2010

C (Permaculture teacher):
Thanks for the invite to the english online conference on integral
permaculture which I enjoyed attending very much.

I am really pleased to see this work surfacing at last. I have been
plugging an integral approach for some years now, and the importance of
integral maps such as Ken Wilbur's AQAL and the Big Three of
environment, community and individual which I originally extrapolated
from the PC ethics back in 1989 and have been using ever since.

You have inspired me to put some more attention into my perspective on it all.

I really liked the connection between the spiral dynamics evolution of
human culture/society and natural succession- an excellent observation!
And me, having observed natural succession for a quarter of a century
and made lots of generalisations out into community and individual,
didn't spot this one- thanks!

Jan 2010

online, evaluations circa Jan 2010 - march 2011

G: “ I love all of it. The format, the materials, the dynamics.   Am learning about many new things, but especially I am learning to think.    I like the additional materials a lot.  

I love the tutors' comments and answers: they give guidance and help, they always ‘put their finger on the spot’ in order to make us think, re-think, look again and they ALWAYS emphasise the positive (GREAT EMPATHY!)”

M: “ I love the sensation that finally I have taken the reins of my life and am going in the right direction. The course makes me verbalise & structure my feelings and ideas, which helps me a lot in seeing where am going.    I can notice where I hobble but at the same time it gives me hope that am going to find the way to improve. 

The answers of the tutors are always very spot-on, they have the virtue of telling you what you have to correct whilst at the same time giving you encouragement & showing you that all is well; this greatly increases self-esteem. 

The course makes me get down to work in a methodical way on the changes that I want to make in my life and it makes me generate very valuable and creative thoughts without even realising it .  Also, you become aware of lots of parallel things and you start to see that there are many people in the same frequency as you.

June 2009


The two week (standard) Permaculture Design Certificate Course we used to run 2003 - 2010 (we don't do them anymore because we don't consider them very effective - for most there's not enough time to achieve the perspective change that's needed)

Overall the course has been everything it could be and much more than I had hoped for.

Great amplitude of contents and methodologies, the whole course gives an excellent global vision, each module goes in depth into areas I hadn't considered (although I have studied environmental science).  Amazing connections between all the contents.  Fascinating!  Lots of very useful information.

The process of realising my design throughout the course has been amazing!   Every module was focused on applying the teachings to the  designs and it was surprising to me how it all fit together in the end.  It was great to see the projects develop and blossom throughout the two  weeks, and the group process also. 


Very hard work, the course was exhausting, too intensive (in 15 days), but the results of all the work, seeing the designs of all my colleagues as well as changing my own mind so much in my own design, has been well worth all the effort!  Life changing.

The Integral Permaculture Academy started teaching as a team in 2004 (under the old name, NodoEspiral) when we still offered only the regular 15 day courses - taking the teaching team to the various projects that wanted to host our courses. 

We had some great feedback from those courses also, but nobody ever got round to typing them up and keeping them in one place.

That is why this listing starts from  2009, when we started offering the online permaculture courses, which not only made it much easier for us to keep in touch with our students over long periods of time, and track their progress a lot better, but it also became much easier to collect the - usually quite spontaneous - enthusiastic feedback that invariably dots many of the online discussions, blogs & designs.

Here are some of them, we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we do!