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Integral PermaCulture
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What is Integral Permaculture?

Integral Permaculture is a design practice
based on a holistic & ethical science 
that includes all levels of experience
-  internal & external, individual & collective, ancient & modern 
united into a coherent & systemic whole, 
with the sole purpose of designing 
healthy & sustainable cultures & environments
for all species.
What is the Academy?

The Integral Permaculture Academy is 
a collective of experienced permaculture designers,
social activists & change agents 
who are designing an international, multi-lingual community
together with action-learning / action-research students
and all others who are passionate about the need to co-create
healthy & sustainable cultures & environments
for all species.

Free Support

If you have any questions,
or want help in finding the most appropriate path for you
we can happily advise you

if you write to us at permintegral@gmail.com

- send us las much information as possible about you, your path until now,
your plans, dreams, training & experience & what you would like to achieve ideally - 

But if you can, we prefer to talk on Skype:

just send a contact request on Skype
to  StefaniaStrega  with this information:

1) your name, age and location
(to know your time zone, we need your closest big city)

2) when you are available to talk live on Skype
- so we can talk and support you in person,
and also answer any questions you have about
how things work in our action-learning community.

Or you can also call us by telephone:
Mob. (+34) 636 498 904


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