"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing" ~George Bernard Shaw
PULP RP I: Classic - Out Now!
No Dice is an experimental role play project aimed at making narrative role play more easily available to the casual player. We have turned away from experimenting with new ways to represent statistics and make role playing a game not because we don't like that but because it's all role playing products seem to do. We want to bring entertaining, enthralling narrative role play experiences to a wider audience. Learn More.


  • The Plan Just to let you know that we're down but we're not out. We fully intend to finish off PULP's 2-4 and produce a new version of ...
    Posted 25 Feb 2012, 01:36 by Leo Stableford
  • The Endgame When the No Dice team began all this back in 2009 we did not really know what it is we were aiming to do. We wanted to write some role ...
    Posted 14 Sept 2011, 08:27 by Leo Stableford
  • Trial Store We've decided to pilot sending out goods ourselves using Google Checkout. The store link on the left to see that currently we have Shadow Cities on sale. Expect PULP ...
    Posted 4 Sept 2011, 09:58 by Leo Stableford
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