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Issue 5, Fall 2013 
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Reassessing McFarlane and Larsen / R. W. Watkins
Do the McFarlane-Larsen years represent the last grand gasp of Spider-Man as a viable print entity?  
Did the comics tap into the Gen-X hipster zeitgeist of the day?  Mr. Watkins thinks so...

A Reply to Watkins: Random Thoughts on
Culled from a series of emails, a long-time friend and comics enthusiast weighs in on Mr. Watkins's assertions, 
and attempts to defend the last twenty years of mainstream comics

Meanwhile, here in the present, Steve K. analyses two compelling collections by a new independent voice...

The Nathan Sorry creator talks to Mr. Watkins about his influences, hopes and irritations

The long-time AIDS activist and comics fan shares his thoughts on the recent PBS mini series

Mr. French bemoans the increasingly sad treatment of Wonder Woman at the hands of DC and Warner Bros

And speaking of DC's bumbling ways, 
Mr. K. also addresses the company's inexplicable prolific approach to Boy (and Girl) Wonders...

Brief bios with pics


The Funnies

Rich Barrett's Nathan Sorry (Chapter One), 
Bill Harvey's The Odds (4 installments), Dennis Hyer's Inhuman Relations (5 installments), 
Jessica TremblayOld Pond Comics (5 installments)R. W. Watkins's A Dark Glimpse

Nathan Sorry                                       by Rich Barrett

(To continue reading Nathan Sorry, click here.)

                                    The Odds                                  by Bill Harvey

Inhuman Relations                                           by Dennis Hyer

 The Odds                                  by Bill Harvey

 The Odds                                  by Bill Harvey

 A Dark Glimpse             by R. W. Watkins

 The Odds                                  by Bill Harvey