Keep Your Hands Safe With NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves

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My wife is a full time housewife & she love cooking various kind of delicious food for our family. Every times when I saw her busy in the kitchen to preparing the food material like cutting onion, vegetable & etc. 
It do trigger my worries about her hand might get hurt with the knife. 

One day, I unintentionally saw this NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves from I decided to bought a pair of it to my wife without any doubt. My wife gave a very good rating to this gloves & she tell me she love it much.

Although from what I understand, NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves is not fully cut proof. But it designed them to reduce the likelihood of sustaining serious injury if accidents happen or at least helps to minimize hurt.

Keep Your Hands Safe With NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves
Prepare meals with 100% food safe and machine washable gloves

Made from non-toxic materials, NoCry cut resistant gloves can be used any time you’re working with food.

After use, it's recommended to wash them with a mild detergent. Keep the washing machine water temperature at or below 104°F (40°C).

Do not iron or use machine drying. Hang the gloves to drip dry.

Keep Your Hands Safe With NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves

Use NoCry cut resistant gloves for jobs outside of the kitchen too

Protect your hands when you…
  1. Quilt using a rotary cutter
  2. Garden
  3. Pick up broken glass
  4. Make car repairs
  5. Strip copper wire
  6. Carve wood
  7. Cut hair
  8. Or any time you’re coming into contact with sharp objects