No CO2 Waste In Darke - Citizens Against CO2 Sequestration

Protesters Win CO2 Battle In Darke Co.


The win for Darke County is a win for every community - we stood up for our home, what we believe in and
were determined not to let this unproven, risky, experiment happen here......... we don't want it under OUR backyards -  or anyone else's!

 As soon as the word was received, we started a phone chain to get our committee on the circle to take a photo for the Advocate - even during the tornado warnings!
In a little over 90 minutes the majority of us were there, in our green shirts, celebrating!

We hope to have a big celebration and engage our community - after the fair is over!

See us on WHIOTV by clicking here. Many thanks to WHIOTV for your coverage!

Posted: 6:35 am EDT August 20, 2009Updated: 3:52 pm

GREENVILLE, Ohio -- A vocal group of citizens in Greenville are celebrating a victory in their efforts to keep tons of CO2 waste from being pumped into the ground in Darke County.The Columbus-based Battelle Research Center announced that Greenville is no longer being considered for a carbon sequestration project.In a news release, Battelle said, “Due to business considerations, Greenville, Ohio, is no longer being considered for a carbon sequestration project.”The news ended 14 months of protest by Citizens Against Carbon Sequestration. The group protested the unknowns of what the future could bring if CO2 waste would be allowed 3.500 feet below ground.The group used yard signs, public meetings and commission meetings, along with a prayer rally to gain public support.A recent poll showed that more than 90 percent of those who participated in the poll were against carbon sequestration.

Christina Chalmbers/Advocate Photo

Photo by Jason Aslinger
Citizens Against CO2 Sequestration - Annie Oakley Parade - Thank you Caldwell Banker Realtors for inviting us to share your float in the parade!

CO2 Public Awareness Rally, June 27, 2009