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Oceanside Updated Wireless Ordinance

Another city in California is updating its antiquated wireless facility ordinance to address the concerns of its residents who want stronger regulations protecting their homes and schools.

October 20, 2010, Wed.: The City Council of Oceanside, CA, approved an Urgency Ordinance and Resolution to approve Amendment 39 that updates their wireless ordinance to offer more protections for residential areas, and schools, daycare centers and churches within those residential areas. 

Two residents who are leading the resident movement for stronger regulations to protect residents, Holly Hargett and Sharon Newbery, recently got an appointment to serve on the City of Oceanside’s Telecommunication Committee to continue such oversight to represent the citizens. 

Please read Summary and watch Video here, Click "Item 27" to view:
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Also read accompanying Staff Report, which includes the new Article 39 amendment to the city's updated wireless ordinance, as well as residents documents submitted in support of a stronger wireless ordinance and resident recommendations:

Thanks to the Holly, Sharon and her fellow residents for taking action, setting a positive example of what residents and city officials can do when working together, and inspiring other communities and cities to do the same.  The resident website for Oceanside City Accountability For Neighborhoods (OCAFN): http://ocafn.org.

Here is an letter that Holly sent us on Oct. 22, 2010, and asked us to share with others.   Please share it with your friends, neighbors, residents and local officials (city council, planning officials, city manager, city attorney, county supervisors, county planning departments, etc.):

Hello All,

            Victory in Oceanside on Oct 20 2010, The City of Oceanside Council unanimously voted to adopt Article 39 a city wide wireless ordinance as an “Urgency Ordinance” due to citizen’s efforts.   Holly Hargett and Sharon Newbery local citizens of Oceanside lead this effort since the beginning of 2008 to ask for an updated ordinance to safeguard citizens from living with commercial blight.

            At the council meeting Wednesday night citizens came together from all the diverse communities within Oceanside, Ca.  The citizen’s voices repeated the words “we urge Council to enact the ordinance as an urgency ordinance, and continue to make safer amendments”.  All Citizens who spoke said they feel the ordinance is a “good start” however can use some tightening up.  Citizens rejoiced as Residential Districts are placed last on the Locational Preference list, along with Locational Standards that read Residential Properties are Restricted. To lead off the citizens voices was an outstanding speaker, a 12 year old student from Coastal Academy.  After this 12 year old heard Clear Wireless wanted to place antennas onto of his small school and hearing about law suit threats in letter form to the city the student stated, “when we are at school and at home we are taught when someone threatens you it is called –bullying!”, and asked, “not to ever consider placing a high powered microwave antenna to sit above his head or his fellow classmates 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for the whole school year, just because a bully tells you to do what they say”.

            The Citizens of Oceanside have been able to stop some of the wireless industries who have previously been bull dozing their way through residential districts.  Holly and Sharon said, “This is the right step to safeguard citizens, and can give the city planners good footings to really look at all the variables for each permit.  Citizens should be aware of recent court cases which have clarified the federal law that for far too long have been dominated with interpretation by the wireless industry for greed and competition to “rule the air” not citizens safety of "theorized safe RF emissions".  Now a carrier must prove there is a truly “significant gap” in coverage.  Having adequate coverage is deemed good enough even with dropped calls.  However having the city rewrite the wireless regulations to put citizens concerns first is a great thing and to keep citizens involved and informed”.  Holly and Sharon recently got an appointment to serve on the City of Oceanside’s Telecommunication Committee to continue such oversight to represent the citizens.  To view the new City of Oceanside wireless ordinance click here; http://www.ci.oceanside.ca.us/pdf/10-20-2010_SR_AGENDA_17.pdf

Please pass onto others. Thanks Holly Hargett

Also read about resident campaigns updating wireless regulations in Calabasas, California, and Hempstead, NY, and feel free to download relevant documents and watch hearings to help you with your local campaign for wireless regulation revisions. 

In addition, learn and be very concerned about wireless installations in public rights of way because wireless companies are now installing their facilities on light poles and sidewalks in front and next to and behind your homes.  You need to make sure your city's updated regulations address these to protect your homes, schools and parks.

Keep yourself informed on how cumulative RF radiation effects will only be compounded by wireless smart meters that are now going to be installed on our homes unless opponents can find a way to fight them on health grounds, or privacy and civil rights grounds.