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July 26, 2010 Planning Board Meeting

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Agenda: http://burbank.granicus.com/GeneratedAgendaViewer.php?view_id=6&clip_id=1618, and scroll down to Item #2, "Zone Text Amendment..."

Read Minutes and watch Video
(discussion starts at 1:13:36)

Burbank's new Application form: See "Attachment" at bottom of screen/page or go here.

Burbank ACTION Resident Packet #2 (see "Attachment" on screen/page below, which included a DVD of the YouTube clips that you can view here on this page

On July 26, 2010, our Planning Board public hearing approved the first set of proposed ordinance revisions. 

Addressing the problem our ordinance had of allowing first wireless facilities by right (and any subsequent modifications or additions would require a Conditional Use Permit), our ordinance will now require that all wireless facilities require CUPs. 

Assistant Planner Amanda Klotzsche also presented the Supplemental Application Form that requires an FCC RF compliance report, significant gap information, and proper screening. 

Planning Board members hailed all of these measures and materials presented by Ms. Klotzcshe as a "giant leap" forward. 

At the July 26th meeting, your fellow Burbank residents Kiku Lani Iwata and Michelle Safarian spoke up. 
Ms. Iwata spoke about a Resident Report submitted by Burbank ACTION, including a video of a resident cell phone survey done in and around the Brace Canyon park to show we already have adequate coverage (click the play arrows, in the two YouTube boxes below, to view parts 1 and 2).  Ms. Safarian showed Board Members a wireless booster that cell phone companies offer to boost in-home coverage so that those wanting more RF cell phone coverage in their own home can do so without exposing those of us who don't. 

AT&T's rep, meanwhile, urged the City not "rush" to approve the interim ordinance regulations and instead wait until the comprehensive ordinance is presented. 

It should be noted that at the July 26th meeting, Planning Board Chair Emily Gabel-Luddy said she hopes the City will have the option to not see wireless facilities in the multi-family residential zones.  (See page 14 from the "Exhibits" for notes about her comment.)  Sitting in the audience, we nodded our head in agreement, and we encourage you to e-mail our City Council and City Manager (see contact info below) to affirm your agreement with her concern and point, too.

(The proposed revisions approved by the Planning Board were scheduled to be heard by the City Council on August 31, 2010; City Council proceeded to approve them without much discussion.)

In the meantime, Burbank still lacks any ordinance regulations to prevent wireless facilities in public rights of way (PROW, i.e., our sidewalks and alleys around our homes) from being installed right next to your home, schools, and parks, so we residents must continue to request and push for that. It's not impossible.  San Francisco is currently drafting a strong new ordinance to address PROW installations due to resident concerns there.

In the fall, the Planning Department hopes to organize a Community Meeting for our input on what we'd like the new ordinance ton include. 
Meanwhile, the Planning Department continues to work on the more comprehensive ordinance revisions and hopes to present that to City Council and the Planning Board for approval in December.  So keep coming back here to read updated info on these events. 

What You Can Do: Please write/e-mail our Honorable Mayor, City Council, City Manager, and Ms. Amanda Klotzsche in Planning, and ask them to propose strong regulations for wireless facility installations in PROW like other cities, in particular San Francisco, are doing.
  • Mayor and City Council:
    • CityCouncil@ci.burbank.ca.us ("Honorable Mayor and City Council Members...")
  • Planning Board ("Dear Planning Board"): 
    • planning@ci.burbank.ca.us
  • City Manager, Mr. Michael Flad: 
    • mflad@ci.burbank.ca.us
  • City Clerk Margarita Campos:
    • mcampos@ci.burbank.ca.us
  • cc: Mr. Michael Forbes, Asst. Community Development Director/City Planner, so he is also aware of community concerns:
    • mforbes@ci.bubank.ca.us
  • cc: Ms. Amanda Klotzsche, Assistant Planner who is managing wireless issues:
    • AKlotzsche@ci.burbank.ca.us


Last Updated: July 21, 2010
Written and posted previous to the July 26, 2010 Meeting:

Thanks to Ms. Amanda Klotzsche, Assistant Planner of the City of Burbank's Planning and Transportation Division, for informing us that on Monday, July 26, 2010, the Burbank Planning Board would consider a Zone Text Amendment to the City of Burbank’s existing wireless ordinance.   Proposed revisions would include a Conditional Use Permit requirement for all wireless facility installations, an FCC RF Emissions Compliance Report, and proper screening.  Read more about the  welcomed proposed changes and upcoming meeting here:


Ms. Klotzche has informed us that the City plans to later propose more comprehensive revisions that will address preferred and non-preferred locations, which we residents want and need to protect our homes, parks and schools.  In the interim,
the Planning Department will be requiring wireless applicants complete a supplemental application form (see Attachments tab, below) that is more detailed than the previous/current application form.  She also informed us that she has spoken with representatives from our City's Public Works Department and Burbank Water and Power, "and they have agreed to run all new private projects they are reviewing by the Planning Division so we can determine if it will need a CUP. "

Download the Agenda and Staff Report for the July 26 meeting, which will be available on the City's website after Friday, July 23, 2010, here:           


The Public Hearing begins at 6 p.m. and will occur at City Hall, City Council Chamber, at 275 E. Olive Avenue in Burbank, CA.

Please write/e-mail the Planning Board to urge them to support the proposed changes, or tell them in person at the July 26, 2010 public hearing.

If you wish to make a Public Comment at the meeting, fill out a Yellow Card when you arrive and submit it to the Clerk at the front of the room; your name will be called for you to step forward and speak during the appropriate Public Comment time indicated on the Agenda.  

If you cannot attend the hearing in person, and want to submit your Public Comments in advance, you can e-mail the Planning Board, and cc our Planning Department and City officials.  For your convenience, cut and paste their e-mail addresses below:

  • E-mail for Planning Board ("Dear Planning Board"): planning@ci.burbank.ca.us
  • cc for Planning Dept. and City Officials: AKlotzsche@ci.burbank.ca.us, MForbes@ci.bubank.ca.us, MFlad@ci.burbank.ca.us, CityCouncil@ci.burbank.ca.us,MCampos@ci.burbank.ca.us
(These are: Assistant Planner, Ms. Amanda Klotzsche who is managing wireless issues; Deputy City Planner, Mr. Michael Forbes, who is also aware of community concerns; City Manager, Mr. Michael Flad; Mayor Reinke and City Council Members; City Clerk Margarita Campos.)

 You can view the meeting live on Burbank TV at:


Also, here is the website for Burbank's Planning & Transportation Department. 

K Iwata,
Jul 21, 2010, 2:01 PM
K Iwata,
Sep 11, 2010, 11:28 PM