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June 17 2011 Resident Response Comments to Proposed WTF Ordinance Update

SCROLL DOWN:  to the bottom of this page to view or download the Resident Response Comments to Planning Dept.'s Draft Update to the City's Wireless Facility Ordinance.  It has our resident concerns and recommendations to many of the proposed changes to our city's WTF ordinance. 

While the City has recommended some of the changes that Burbank residents have been asking the City to adopt, the bad news is that the draft updated ordinance would:

1) Allow cell towers in our parks
2) The Planning Dept. recommends changing the current ordinance so cell towers could be installed on churches and schools in residential areas (like St. Francis Xavier, which is currently prohibited)
3) the proposed changes would also allow a lot more cell towers in our public rights of way (sidewalks, utility poles and light poles in residential areas). 

These recommendations above do not solve the problem of the proposed cell tower at Brace Canyon park near our homes and schools!  They are not an acceptable solution to our concerns, recommendations and problems!

As for recent world developments, you may have read that the World Heath Organization just classified non-ionizing radiation from wireless devices like cell phones as a Class 2B carcinogen -- on par with lead and DDT -- we do NOT need more cell towers radiating 24/7 on our homes and families. 

What Can You Do?  Please Send an E-mail Today!

Please send the following e-mail to the Planning Department, so they know that residents still don't want cell towers near our homes, schools and in our parks and sidewalks next to our homes. Please also feel free to add any other personal reasons why you believe the City should adopt stronger regulations than they have offered. Make sure you include your full name and residential address at the bottom of your e-mail.

Cut and paste the letter below and e-mail to Asst. Planner Amanda Klotzsche: AKlotzsche@ci.burbank.ca.us

Dear Ms. Klotzsche,

I am writing in response to the proposed WTF ordinance update, and the June 17, 2011 resident packet of Public Comments submitted by Burbank ACTION.

Our City needs to adopt stronger regulations to protect residential areas, including schools, daycare centers and our parks, from cell towers, and PROW installations.

We also do NOT approve of the proposed ordinance change you have suggested that would allow WTFs on institutional property (churches and schools) in residential areas. These commercial facilities do not belong in residential zones. We have told you this before, and we are very opposed to and disappointed to see this proposed change in the WTF ordinance update. Please do not recommend or adopt this.

We agree with these and the other recommendations and changes suggested by Burbank ACTION in its June 17-2011 report sent to you, and urge you to adopt them. Please share this e-mail of our concerns and recommendations with the City Manager, Mayor and City Council members, Planning Board and Planning staff.

Gratefully yours,

(Your Name here)

(Your Address and Zip Code)



n June 2, 2011, the Planning Dept. posted an update on its Wireless Facility Ordinance page (http://www.ci.burbank.ca.us/index.aspx?page=964):

The Planning & Transportation Division has prepared a draft update to the City of Burbank’s Wireless Telecommunications Facilities ordinance. The update is intended to address the potential negative aesthetic impacts of wireless facilities while providing for the communication needs of Burbank residents and businesses. Planning staff invites comments on the proposed ordinance.

Draft Ordinance and Staff Discussion

The review and comment period is from: June 3, 2011 through June 17, 2011.

Public hearings with the Planning Board and City Council are tentatively scheduled for June and July 2011. There will be additional opportunities to comment on the proposed ordinance prior to and at these hearings.

Written comments may be directed to:

Amanda Klotzsche, Assistant Planner
150 North Third Street
Burbank CA, 91502

Or by e-mail at: aklotzsche@ci.burbank.ca.us

Thank you for your interest in the Wireless Telecommunications Facilities ordinance update, we look forward to hearing from you.