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Hempstead NY New Ordinance Sep 21-2010

The Town of Hempstead, NY, unanimously adopts (Sept. 21, 2010) a new wireless ordinance that is perhaps the toughest in the country right now
, in response to residents concerns and outrage at finding cell towers installed on light posts outside of their homes.  It has a tiered approach, similar to how Glendale has one, with preferred and non-preferred locations and wants newly proposed cell towers to be located at least 1,500 feet away from homes, schools, daycare centers and places of worship.  Print out a copy of the news story below, as well as the revised ordinance to share with your officials:

News articles:

City's new ordinance: http://www.toh.li/content/home/news/telecomlaw.html

City news release on ordinance: http://toh.li/content/home/news/celltowerreg.html

Resident website, MOMS of Merrick: http://www.dontcellout.com/

Also read about resident campaigns updating wireless regulations in Calabasas, California, and  Oceanside, California, and feel free to download relevant documents and watch hearings to help you with your local campaign for wireless regulation revisions. 

In addition, learn and be very concerned about wireless installations in public rights of way because wireless companies are now installing their facilities on light poles and sidewalks in front and next to and behind your homes.  You need to make sure your city's updated regulations address these to protect your homes, schools and parks.

Keep yourself informed on how cumulative RF radiation effects will only be compounded by wireless smart meters that are now going to be installed on our homes unless opponents can find a way to fight them on health grounds, or privacy and civil rights grounds.