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Dec 1, 2010 Community Meeting

Wed, Dec. 1, 2010, at 6p, Burbank, CA: The City of Burbank Planning & Transportation Division held a  Community Meeting at the Police-Fire Building's Community Room, 200 North Third Street, Burbank 91503. 

Asst. Planner Amanda Klotzsche updated
residents on the progress of the city's efforts to update its wireless facility ordinance with a visual and oral presentation:
  • The city has had two study sessions so far to review the state of the law, get updates from Attorney Jonathan Kramer on the aesthetics of wireless facility installations, and to give staff direction
  • City Council and the Planning Commission have approved an interim zoning ordinance that requires a Conditional Use Permit for proposed first time wireless facility installations
  • The City also now requires applicants fill out a supplemental application form to provide details about its proposed installation
She said that the next major milestone is for the planning department to present the draft updated wireless facility to the Planning Commission and City Council in late January or early February 2011.  For a copy of Ms. Klotzsche's  presentation, you can find it on the City's wireless ordinance webpage: http://www.ci.burbank.ca.us/index.aspx?page=964

Ms. Klotzsche then opened up the meeting for questions, and we residents reiterated our concern about public right of way installations that are creating problems for residents throughout Los Angeles city, most recently in Sherman Oaks when residents weren't notified about the installation and are very upset about it.  We said we don't want those kind of problems and surprise installations to show up in public rights of way in our residential areas and near schools.  We also brought up the new Hempstead, NY, wireless facility ordinance that aims to keep wireless facilities 1,500 feet way from homes, schools, daycare centers and places of worship. 

Regarding the draft wireless facility ordinance that will be presented in late January or early February, Ms. Klotzsche said the City Council and the Planning Commission will have to direct staff as to whether they want to (a) have another Study Session(s) to review and discuss the draft updated wireless facility ordinance, or (b) review and vote on it separately.

There were also reps from the wireless industry there who took notes during the meeting and during the Q&A time.

After the meeting, Ms. Klotzsche told us that receiving e-mails from residents about their concerns and recommendations is very helpful for the work she's doing in updating our city's wireless facility ordinance. 

She also informed us that the city's new supplemental application form for wireless facilities is the same one that neighboring Glendale uses.

Please go here for our list of our "Top 20" Resident Recommendations that residents e-mailed in advance of the meeting. 

Thank you, to all of  you Burbank residents who are concerned about this issue and e-mailed your recommendations to Ms. Klotzsche!

The Burbank Leader's Gretchen Meier reported on the meeting and wrote an excellent article here: http://www.burbankleader.com/news/tn-blr-wireless-20101204,0,5212955.story