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Media Coverage: Burbank Leader

The Burbank Leader has been great in covering this important issue for our community. Thank you, Burbank Leader, for your excellent coverage, opinion, and giving us faith in the power and value of the Fourth Estate.

December 4-5, 2009
1.  Read the Burbank Leader's excellent front-page story by reporter Christoper Cadelago about our opposition to the proposed T-Mobile cell tower at Brace Canyon park near our schools, homes and church:  http://www.burbankleader.com/articles/2009/12/05/politics/blr-tower120509.txt

2.  Here's the Editor's excellent Editorial calling for our city of Burbank to take action: "Attend to Cell Towers Now":   http://www.burbankleader.com/articles/2009/12/05/opinion/editorials/blr-1editorial120509.txt

3.  The newspaper also published our Letter to the Editor:  http://www.burbankleader.com/articles/2009/12/05/opinion/letters/blr-mailbag120509.txt

April 16, 2010
"Board Delays Wireless Vote" by reporter Christopher Cadelago, about the Planning Board's decision to delay making a decision about requiring wireless facility applicants to supply RF emission information, as suggested by Board Member Vahe Hovanessian:  http://www.burbankleader.com/articles/2010/04/17/politics/blr-wireless041710.txt  (Note: On May 10, 2010, the Planning Board decided to hold off on making a final decision until after the June 14, 2010, Joint Study Session on Wireless Facility, when they can ask questions about this type of regulation to attorney Jonathan Kramer, who will be attending this session to answer questions from City officials about wireless issues in general.)

June 26, 2010
       "Fix Cell Tower Loophole Now":
Thanks to the Burbank Leader for publishing our Letter to the Editor.

September 7, 2010

Burbank Leader reporter Gretchen Meier updates readers on the progress of the new wireless ordinance in progress.  It's good news, but the residents still want regulations to address installations in public rights of way (our sidewalks and utility poles).  Read "Antennas could face more review: Residents against cell towers call proposals circulating City Hall 'great news'": http://www.burbankleader.com/news/tn-blr-0908-wireless,0,7181433.story

December 4, 2010
Burbank Leader's Gretchen Meier reported on the Dec. 1 Community Meeting and wrote an excellent article.  Thanks, Burbank Leader and Gretchen Meier, for keeping your readers and Burbank residents updated on this issue of concern.
Read "
Wireless facilities under review; Residents join city officials to talk about updating an out-of-date ordinance," found on-line at: