Nobu at the 2005 Chopin Competition

Thanks to the good grace of a long-time Nobu fan in Japan, I received videos for a 2-hour TV documentary shown in Japan in December 2005 about his participation in the Chopin Competition.  It is an excellent show  that includes several complete performances, as well as interesting interactions between Nobu and his mother Itsuko, his teacher Mr. Kawakami, and the media.  The documentary reflects the popularity of Nobu in Japan even as early as 2005; Nobu did not reach the final while another Japanese pianist did and placed fourth (but did not get as much attention as Nobu).
Until I watched this whole show, I had always thought that the competition was a bitter experience to Nobu.  But as you will see, the show ends on a positive  note, and it gives an idea of how Nobu would go on to make history at the 2009 Cliburn Competition.  Wrote the devoted fan who provided the video:
"Nobuyuki became famous in Poland during the competition, so he got many requests to give concerts while he was there. But he didn't say yes to any of them except for the one at the school for the blind." Nobu said "I was happy to perform there and I want to do this kind of things all over the world." In that competition, two Korean pianist (brothers) tied for the 3rd prize and two Japanese pianists tied for the 4th prize. One of the Japanese pianists, the winner and Nobu were the only ones who had their own CDs made (of their performances at the competition). (That shows how popular Nobu was.) (Nobu's teacher) Mr. Kawakami's old blog entry ( says that too, but it seems like so many people complained about Nobu not advancing to the finals - I've read people called up even from the countries like Portugal or Canada to complain. I think those people had great ears!"

Before the 2009 Cliburn Competition, Nobuyuki's only other international competition experience was the 2005 Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw, Poland, home of his beloved Frederik Chopin.  In the video 4000 days of Nobuyuiki Tsujii ( - no longer available, unfortunately), there are brief scenes (2:45 - 4:00) of him, accompanied by his mother and long-time piano teacher Masahiro Kawakami, at the competition.  His performance of a mazurka at the competition can be seen in this video:, and in the video Miracle Pianist ( there is a poignant scene of Nobu, accompanied by his devoted mother, reaching up to touch the statue of Chopin while in Poland (see photo above).

The website of the competition may still be available here:  And here are a few photos from that page:

Nobu receiving his diploma - with Mr. Kawakami(L)
 Nobu on stage with Mr. Kawakami
 The jury
It is interesting to observe how Nobu was received in that competition as compared to the Cliburn Competition.  In Warsaw, there were a large number of competitors from Japan, while at the Cliburn Nobu was the only native Japanese who advanced to the preliminary round.  As a blind pianist, Nobu attracted his share of attention of the media in Warsaw, though perhaps not to the same extent as he later did in Texas in 2009.  His photos appeared in one of the competition's newsletters (see attachment to this page), and, along with the other Japanese competitors, he was followed by the Japanese media.  Video footage also shows an appreciative audience who applauded him warmly at his performance of Scherzo Number 2 (one my favorites of his Chopin pieces).  It also shows Nobu, looking younger than his 17 years of age, dancing in excitement when he heard that he was among the contestants (number 67) chosen to advance to the second round. 

Unfortunately, his competition stopped after the second round, while a number of other Japanese pianists advanced, including Takashi Yamamoto, who finished fourth in the final.  In the end, Polish pianist Rafał Blechacz  was the winner of the competition, with no second prize awarded. Yeol-Eum Son, the Korean silver medalist at the 2009 Cliburn, also advanced to the final but did not medal.

Judging from the footage and the recordings, Nobuyuki was astoundingly accomplished in 2005, although he had yet to develop the stage presence that he acquired by the time of the Cliburn Competition in 2009.  His performance in Warsaw(judging from the video of his mazurka) seemed mirthless, compared to his performance at the Cliburn Competition.  The enthusiasm of the American audience at the Cliburn  might have made a difference as well - who knows?

But Nobu did not go away from the competition empty-handed.  He was awarded the Critics' Award, and a very special honor in that his complete performance in the first two rounds was included on a CD devoted completely to him, among a souvenir set of 15 CDs issued by the competition.  Only the eventual winner and the aforementioned Takashi Yamamoto were accorded the same honor. There is an  article that appeared in MusicWeb International that described this CD set in details:  In this article, Nobu's performance was not reviewed very favorably.  It would be interesting to see what the writer think of Nobuyuki Tsujii now.   

In retrospect, that decision of the competition to issue a CD of a contestant who did not even advance to the final round seems particularly prescient, in view of what subsequently took place in 2009 and thereafter.  Furthermore, the Victor Inc. of Japan had the foresight of packaging those performance tracks in a CD, now known as Chopin Piano Works, Nobuyuki Tsujii,  re-issued in 2009 in the wake of Nobu's Cliburn win.   I bet that CD has netted Victor Inc. quite a few belated but deserved yens.   Funny how things work out in life!  I do know that I have been enjoying listening to the two discs in this album since I purchased them from in early October.  The 2-disc album is now available on U.S. amazon

Following  is another article about the competition that I found.  It was apparently published by the Polish Consulate (in the U.S.?).  It is interesting to note how sympathetic the article is to Nobuyuki.

Polish Consulate News from Poland 10/18/2005

Two Poles among 12 finalists in (2005)  Int'l Chopin Piano Competition

Warsaw, Oct. 17: Two Poles, Rafal Blechacz and Jacek Kortus are among 12 pianists who qualified for the 15th International Frederic Chopin Competition final. The final stage of this prestigious competition is starting Tuesday to run till the coming Friday. The name of the winner will be announced on October 21. Six prizes will be awarded to six best finalists and the First Prize winner will receive the Gold Medal and 25 thousand USD. The competition will wind up three days later. Japanese pianists constitute the most numerous group in the final. They are: Rieko Nezu, Yuma Osaki, Shohei Sekimoto and  Takashi Yamamoto. Next come three pianists from South Korea - Dong Hyek Lim, Dong Min Lim and Yeol Eum Son, Ka Ling Colleen Lee of China Hongkong, Rachel Naomi Kudo of the USA and Andrei Yaroshinski of Russia. The winner of the competition will be Chopin's ambassador in the whole world, member of the jury, John O'Conor of Ireland told journalists. Twenty pianists, including five Poles participating in the competition 2nd stage who failed to qualify for the final received diplomas on Monday. Those gathered at the ceremony of handing over the diplomas accorded greatest ovation to Nobuyuki Tsujii of Japan and Ingolf Wunder of Austria. Some observers claim they should pass to the final.

The Warsaw experience must have been quite a blow to Nobuyuki at 16 years of age,  especially for so many other Japanese to advance when he didn't.  But instead of giving up, Nobuyuki gathered his resolve and forged on.  As an American, I am thankful that his big break came in my country later in 2009, for otherwise I might never have the pleasure of discovering this special artist and enjoying his works.

Chopin: Piano Works - 2005 Chopin Piano Competition.  I was unaware that these are recordings from Nobuyuki's live performances at the 2005 Chopin Competition*.  The album is manufactured and distributed by Victor Entertainment, Inc. of Japan.  Seventeen at the time, Nobuyuki was already astonishingly accomplished.  The music on the two discs of this album is a gem and, price-wise, the album is  a bargain in comparison to his more recent CDs.  Tracks not found in his later CDs include Etude in C sharp minor Op.25-6, Nocturne in B minor Op. 62-1, Waltz in F major, Op.34-3, Barcarolle in F sharp major, Op.60, Preludes Op.28, 19 through 24 (heartfelt happiness, funeral march, Sunday, impatience, a pleasure boat, the storm), Sonata No 3 in B minor, Op.58.  Not only is the music in this album wonderful -- his Scherzo in B minor, Op. 31, No 2 was already near perfection -- but it's a good benchmark of how Nobuyuki had evolved by the time he won the Cliburn.  This album can be ordered from Amazon.

Nobuyuki Tsujii meets Rafal Blechacz at a Chopin Competition gala in 2005 in Japan.
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