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♪ April 4, 2015
Tickets for the August 30 Hiroshima stop of the "Nobuyuki Tsujii original composition with orchestra" tour comes on advance (extra-fee) sale today. Nobu has not performed in Hiroshima for some time, and Miyuki, a long-time fan, is thrilled about this performance but super anxious about getting tickets for her and her mother. We wish her luck! She shared this image of "a pretty big ad in the local newspaper" for the concert.
♪ April 3, 2015
Nobu the composer has been hard at work.
Not only will we get to hear music composed by Nobu for his mother on April 5 Sunday, for her just-launched  Radio program "What color is the wind today?", but it turns out that tomorrow (Saturday April 4) a Tokyo TV program 「美の巨人たち」 (Giants of Beauty, about masterpieces in arts) will start and end with theme music composed by Nobu; the program is a favorite of Nobu's father.
テレビ東京「美の巨人たち」放送16年目に突入する、きょう4/4(土)からナレーターに蒼井優が加入!テーマ曲をピアニスト 辻井伸行が担当!!
TV Tokyo "giants of Beauty" marks 16th anniversary of broadcast .  Narrator Aoi Yu will join the program!   Pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii is responsible for the [new] theme song! !
  辻井伸行 コメント ■
Tsujii Nobuyuki comments ■
This time, I was allowed to be in charge of the program's music at  the opening and ending.
I am happy and very honored to be given such an opportunity for a program that has been beloved by many people,
My father is a big fan of the program, and I have been impressed with the exciting introduction of each episode.  Based on the image I perceived I composed this music
By all means, I hope you will enjoy the music along with viewing the program.
Yura tweeted:
There is already a comment about the composition for "Giants of Beauty": "Mr.  Nobuyuki Mr. Tsujii has also composed theme songs for movies and art exhibitions.  For "giants of beauty ", he shows a great sensitivity for the program,  with an impressive melody that remains comfortable to the ear.  The opening theme is beautifully powerful, and the ending theme is an impressive climax.
And you can hear the music in this short video!
Mar 19/20
子育てをテーマにおしゃべりしていく番組 『辻井いつ子の今日の風、なに色?』 が
Mrs. Itsuko Tsujii who brought up  the global pianist Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii
will host a program "Tsujii Itsuko What color is the wind today?"  about child development
According to a tweet, Nobu composed a piece "What color is the wind today?" for the show.
辻井いつ子がTBSラジオ「大沢悠里のゆうゆうワイド」に生出演中。ピアニスト辻井伸行さんの子育て、4月からの新番組「ミキハウス プレゼンツ 辻井いつ子の今日の風、なに色?」のために伸行さんが作曲した「今日の風、なに色?」も紹介⁉︎ Mrs. Itsuko Tsujii appeared Live on the "Osawa Yuri" show on TBS radio.  Bringing up pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii; April new program "What color is today's wind?" introduced  with music "What color is today's wind?" composed by Nobuyuki Tsujii.

♪ March
31, 2015 (Tuesday) 19:00 【東京サントリーホール Tokyo Suntory Hall (2,006 seats) Stop no. 18  on Nobu's Chopin/Liszt/Beethoven 'Appassionata' recital Japan tourNews, comments, photos are collected here. This was originally to be the finale of the tour, which was extended with five more performances through April 14.

Suntory Hall - Tokyo's primier concert hall -- image via Internet link
Many blog posts mention the sakura (cherry blossoms) that are in full bloom in Tokyo near Suntory Hall, adding to their enjoyment of the concert, and considered a good omen.
Sakura in full bloom in Tokyo! Image via Internet link

♪  March 26
The Nobuyuki Tsujii's official site does not usually post a "recital report" when he is in Japan, but there was one today, for a special reason!
March 26, 2015
Yokosuka Arts Theatre
"Appassionata" tour, which started on February 17, has now passed the 2/3 point.  I thank everyone who has come to my performances.
On this day, because Mr. and Mrs. Davidson, my host family during the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition of 2009, had come to Japan, they were invited to the concert.
Because Mr. and Mrs. Davidson are busy, it is difficult for us to get together when I performed in the United States. Since the fall of 2009, the last time we were together was in February 2013 when I performed with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. It was great to see them again, and we had a very happy time together after a long absence.
image posted on Nobuyuki Tsujii official site recital report, shown via Internet link
The photo above now appears on the Cliburn Facebook Page and has had over 110 "like"s.
Please click here and add your "like" to show your appreciation for the Davidsons.

♪ Feb 27, 2015
On a day off from his 'Appassionata' recital Japan tour, Nobu attended a reception in Tokyo for Prince William of U.K. 
Photo Reuters/Kyodo via Internet link
More at  Nobuyuki Tsujii meets Prince William

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