What will you benefit?

You will have wholeness in your life, you will stop the disease before it starts.
You live with colors that don't vibrate with your energy.  Negative energy makes you feel bad for a reason.
Knowing your own color vibration is a huge step toward being happy.  Yes, color is that important.  Color is the most healing force on the planet.
Your own energy is made up of rainbow colors.  Called Chakras.  When you know what colors work for each of your chakras you can choose those colors.  You chakras energy can be out of sink, muddy, not vibrant.  That is because your belief system has an effect on that particular energy area in your body.
Tamar does intuitive clairvoyance to tune into your beliefs in each chakra.  Her clients are amazed to discover what the negative belief is that is connected to the disease in that area of the body.  And it's not some general belief written about in a book.  Because when someone says they can interpret your unique physical energy through a guessing game they made up.  Then you give your power away.  You are individual complex energy.  It's your belief system, that Tamar tunes into.