Tamar wears orange


can't find the right shade of orange.

Okay, it's not easy to find the right shade of Orange just for you. Especially on any color chart showing the hue of different oranges. Spring 2014 is showing more orange choices in department stores. But that still not be the right color and sit in your closet forever.  What is your shade of Orange that looks amazing on your skin.  

It looks amazing on your skin because the energy of the color (contained in the vibrations of the cloth) shows up through your pigment.  You look to gold, yellow or green. Your skin is apart of an alive breathing energized being.  The color on the cloth is also energy, the energy of the color affects whether you look good, because it is affecting your whole body.  Wait... you say, I know I look better in some colors than others, but why does that really work?  It's the spiritual self that gets stimulated with that color.  The spirit sends a message out through the skin.  It's a total physical response.   Your body would physically thrive if you chose the  color you most needed today.  What  color is calling your name and why are you wanting to wear that color today?
Tamar can tell you why?