Tools of Self Empowerment

What are the tools of self empowerment?  


Tamar has committed the last 28 years to supporting others in leading fully integrated lives. Combining her unique artististic intuition with her own in-depth understanding of human consciousness and potential, Tamar’s work has opened others hearts, bringing them the gift of self-love and emotional freedom. She is a women of vision, a respected life strategist, who is both inspired and inspiring with a pin point clarity to see through to the core of the issues and then address them straight on. It is her intuition, honed over years of coaching private clients with color that created her skill as a dynamic speaker.  

Tamar's seminars are dynamic action-oriented exercises called ‘Tools of Self Empowerment.’ which activate personal potential and confidence.

She knows automatically what their resistance is, how to get those issues unstuck and how to work with tools that create success. 

Tamar's research and work is vital in the year 2014.

 Whether you are in a seminar or a private session, she automatically gifts  her clients jewels of wisdom concerning their relationships, their work, their physical health and she does it with humor.


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