Tamar does hands on healing with Color.  Color is vibration and a powerful healing force on the planet.   Rays of color relate to everything in your life... if you care about you, you will want to know why certain colors make your energy soar. 

Why don't people wear the color orange?

Tamar George discovered through her work with color that a great majority of her clients closets didn't contain orange. What she realized was people do not know their right shade of orange. Orange is the color that strengthens the physical body.   

Tamar is an artist, a woman of vision, a respected life strategist, who is both inspired and inspiring with a pin point clarity to see through to the core of another's issues.  Those fears or issues shut down the chakras system and lead to illness.  Facing those fear beliefs and bringing those issues to colored light will heal the interior of the physical body.  

Knowing your personal shades of color to wear and live in will also strengthen the overall physical system.  

The client will benefit amazing insight into their core fear beliefs which are the keys to change and enlighten the chakras system.


       Tamar has met with architects designing hospital additions advising them of the healing psychology of color.




Tamar is a inspirational speaker first and a motivational speaker second.

She has a humorous, witty, and dynamic speaker style that is powerful, articulate, thought provoking and energetic!

Tamar tailors her message in new and vibrant ways by combining her passion and personal experience as a personal intuitive coach.

Awareness is the key to change. Laughter opens the door for real change to happen.

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