Light Heals

Color is visually seen, then it felt by the physical body.  Color can work with our spirit to balance our chakras system.

Your going to want an antomical chart that lets you see what body parts are located in the various levels of the chakras system.
Root chakras:  (Red)
Lower abdomen:  (Orange)
Solar Plexus:  (Yellow)
Heart:  (Green)
Throat:  (Blue)
Third eye:  (Indigo)
Crown:  (Purple)

Acceptance is the greatest key to healing, accepting your physical blueprint. 

Chakras are not in an exact location, but in a general area.  In -Without -Thru- Around.  There are more than seven, but seven major ones.


As example:  Lower abdomen: Color Orange:
   The Issue is,... Why doesn't anyone wear Orange?
This chakras is a (Place of Balance) between the physical and emotional self.  The physical blueprint is expressed here.  What is the blueprint?
The blueprint is your basic physical health, your dna. Your gene pool. The road map if you like that the physical being is constructed on.
    When you can't properly express...

your unexpressed emotions, you get a belly ache. 

Keeping the lower abdomen chakra balanced
Balanced means, you would like yourself in every situation because you would trust yourself.  You would feel social, confident and at EASE.  (not disease)
Tamar has a fun and lovingly way to gift information about the tools of empowerment so you can trust yourself.
TEST:  O.K. You think you already trust and like you?
How is your physical health?  How well do you eat and exercise?  How many positive thoughts do you have during the day about your body?  How much do you gossip about others physical problems and their feeling uncomfortible in their own skin?  Unconsciously trying to make you feel better?  
This color orange's information is so big, really huge, and super large because these are our issues and this is our health.