September 15-16, 2018 Overnight on Submarine

Spend the night on a submarine
September 15th -16th, 2018
Leaving at 12:30 pm
Meet at church at 12:00, noon.
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We  will be spending the night on a Submarine (USS Silversides) in Muskegon, Michigan. During this over-night we will be spending the night which the cost is $37.50 per bunk.  We are also going to visit another museum in Muskegon, MI before we go to the submarine, which will be another $10 per person.  The Scouts will also need to bring money for Lunch on Saturday as well as dinner on Saturday night.  The cost of each meal should not be more then $10 each as we will probably stop at fast food restaurants.  

 For a total,  the price will be $47.50 that can be paid on  Scout account/cash/check and the Scout needs to have and additional $20 for two meals in cash on them when they leave.

September 15-16 Overnight on a Submarine ‎(Troop 105 Outing form)‎

Boy Scout Troop 105