Troop Library

To contact the librarian and place a hold on a book, Email the Troop Librarian.  Click here to see the Library inventory.
Click here to access on-line versions of Merit Badge worksheets


I. Checking out and returning books
  1. To check out a book, fill out the checkout card in the front and give it to the librarian.
  2. 2. Books are due 4 weeks from checkout
  3. Books may be renewed for 2 weeks, or 6 months from original checkout.
  4. When a book is checked out, the Scout must pay $5 from his scout account or by cash.
  5. When a book is returned, the Scout receives $4 back to his scout account.
  6. If the book is returned late, there will be a fee of $0.05 per week.
II. Destroyed or Lost
    1. If book is destroyed or lost, Scout forfeits the $5 rental and the book is his.
    2. If book is damaged but still usable, per the decision of the troop council, the Scout receives only $2 back to his scout account. The book is marked as damaged. The checkout fee is reduced to $2.50 at checkout and $2 is returned to the scout account upon return.
III. Holds
    1. A Scout may put a book on hold and the Scout will be notified when the book becomes available.
    2. To put a book on hold, contact The Librarian.
    3.Once notified book is available, if the book is not picked up by the next scout meeting the hold is eliminated unless the Scout notifies the librarian ahead of time that he will not be at that meeting and makes other plans to pick up the book.
    4. If several requests for one merit badge book are made, then a decision will be made to buy another copy.