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Important Information
  • I have made a Facebook group for the purpose of communicating everything going on about Jamboree. If your son is going to the National Jamboree please take a minute to join our Facebook group. Here is the link to it: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TroopC144/
            ~Mr. Fisher

Looking to Complete/Earn Merit Badges??
Go to our Library page for Books and go to our Merit Badge List to pick a Merit Badge and Counselor!
Welcome to Troop 105's Activity Site!

planned outings listed at the left that has information specific to the outing--like phone numbers, directions and current weather

 To sign up for an Outing, go to the Outing page and fill out the on-line form!  All parents must print, sign and turn in a Permission form for the year (download then print - DON'T fill out on line!). We go camping in all weather; rain or shine, sleet or snow.

Troop 105 meets Monday evenings from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. upstairs in our room 212 at the First Christian Church in Noblesville.  Check out the Troop 105 Planned Outings Overview with Calendar page for more Troop 105 times and places.

 All comments and questions go at the bottom of this page.

 Health Form PDF - you can fill out on-line then print in the subpage.
  Other Boy Scout roles, a brief camping checklist is listed, general information about Boy Scouts, and Boy Scout rank advancement requirements, 2010 version can be found here!

If a Scout competes and passes the Firestone Competition at Forest Park on May 1, they go to Summer Camp free!   The new 2010 Rules and Application are posted here.  This could be worth ~$200!!! (make a note of that.)
All our registered adults are Youth Protection Trained! This essential training is useful for parents as well, so we are all on the same page for protecting our youth! Click here to take the training!

Here are some BSA places pictures from past events, including our KY backpacking trip!

105 Pictures links page
Here is a slideshow of T105 pictures from past outings.

Webelos Click Here!

If you are interested in visiting Troop 105,
go to this Webelos page!

Troop 105 has another new Eagle Scout!!!!! Way to go Zac!

If you would like your pictures displayed on this site, send a link to them if they're on-line or send them to allofuslibbys@gmail.com and I will try to post them!

Other useful sites:
Scout Shops
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Wordle: Boy Scout Law
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 Noblesville Current Weather:

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First Christian Church (317) 773-4582
Thanks to our chartering organization
- First Christian Church of Noblesville

Stinky Beads

Stinky Beads, an experiment T105 is trying, are beads that each participating scout will receive after each campout!
They come in various colors, which correspond to weather, temperature, and the type of outing. Try to collect them all, with the exception of the occasional PINK BEAD

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