Jim Cox SEMA CC Rep Candidate

Since it appears that all Rootsweb/Ancestry sites are not operational at the present time, I am allowing Jim Cox to place his Campaign page on the Noble County site.  I am providing this space for Jim as he has contributed many, many obituaries for this county and with Rootsweb down, it is the least I can do in appreciation for all of his contributions to Noble County, Indiana. 
Greeting to all of my fellow genealogists!
My name is Jim Cox and I have been nominated and am running for the position of NENC County Coordinator Representative.

I am new to ,many of you, so let me introduce myself further and provide you with some historical background.


I joined INGenWeb in 2011 as Co-Coordinator for Adams County in Indiana.  I have lived in Indiana (Fort Wayne) most of my 50 years with the exception of 9 years in Virginia.  My mother’s family was a pioneer family of Adams County and, along with my co-coordinator, Margie Roop Pearce, we adopted Adams County.  It has been a wonderful experience to learn more about not only my ancestors, but a lot of the families that I heard about growing up. 
In 2012, we were asked by our State Coordinator, Denise Wells, if we would consider adopting Jay County.  We gladly accepted this position and have been working hard to update and provide new information for this county as well.
In 2012, I approached the County Commissioners of Adams County to ask if we could digitize the courthouse records from the 1830’s to 1920’s.  I gathered a group of VERY dedicated volunteers and we spent more than nine months digitizing probate, guardianship and many other court records.  Over 10,000 records have now been digitized, and we are still in the process of providing these records online along with a full-name index.
In 2008, I formed Cemetery Seekers.  Our main goal is to catalog and photograph cemeteries in the northern Indiana area.  Presently, we have completed over 180 cemeteries and have provided this information, not only to our local Allen County Public Library, but also to surrounding libraries and other research outlets.  Our belief is that all this information should be available to anyone looking for their relatives and it should always be free. I have a core of 12 dedicated volunteers who spend a much time in the cemeteries or at the library researching information.  We hosted a three-day event at the library to teach others the importance of sharing information and hosted a tour of one of our oldest cemeteries during Family History Month. 

I also currently work closely with Curt Witcher, the Director of the Genealogy Department of the Allen County Public Library, and have transcribed numerous records for different locations and continue to provide this information for their website. I have also assisted in collaboration with Billion Graves and Family Search.  Currently, as well as providing obituaries to several counties in Indiana, I am working on providing obits for Family Search and indexing as well. 


In my spare time, I work full-time for a not-for-profit organization that assists low-income households with their housing, child-care, and utility bills, as well as weatherizing their homes to lower costs during the winter season. I am college educated and hold a master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy; however, my main direction has been in the area of Grief and Loss.  I taught first and second year medical students and managed a terminal-care clinic for nine years while living in Virginia.


If you choose to elect me as your new NENC County Coordinator Representative, I would like to provide leadership to the State Coordinators and County Coordinators, assisting in actively pursuing and recruiting new volunteers to assist current coordinators to assist in adding more content to their sites; to answer and provide networking opportunities with their county locales to obtain court documents; provide accurate and timely information as it becomes available and I would be open to any/all suggestions on how to make your state/county sites better. 

I would very much like to continue to learn more about each of the states that I would represent and share my knowledge with anyone who is interested.  I am very committed (and possibly) a little insane about genealogy – but I would consider it an honor to be your county coordinator representative for the NENC region of USGenWeb.


Thank you for the opportunity to work with a dynamic group of volunteers and researchers.


Jim Cox