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Counties of Whitley and Noble, Indiana

Goodspeed, Weston A, Richard Collins, Thomas R. Marshall, W. L. Matthews; Counties of Whitley and Noble, Indiana: historical and biographical; Chicago, F. A. Battey & Co., 1882, 937 pgs.

    History of Noble County.
        Chapter 1., by Weston A. Goodspeed. 
Topography and Geology -- Noble County Drift -- Physical Description -- Cranberry Marshes -- Meteorology -- Classification of the Mound-Builders' Works -- Prehistoric Occupation and Remains of Noble County -- The Mounds and Their Contents -- The Miamis and Pottawatomies During the Border Wars -- The Indian Reservation -- Personal Incidents -- Customs of the Native American.
        Chapter II., by Nelson Prentiss.
Early Organization and Statistics -- General Growth and Development -- Drought of 1838 -- The Internal Improvement Bill and the State Canal -- Creation of the First Court -- Trial and Execution of John Lechner -- The County Seat Question -- Public Buildings and County Officials -- The Bench and Bar -- Anecdotes -- The Medical Profession.
        Chapter III, by Weston A. Goodspeed.
Early Roads -- Manner of Viewing, Improving and Sustaining Them -- Mail Routes and Stage Lines -- The Plank Road -- Railroads and County Stock -- Noble County Agricultural Society -- Stock Rearing -- The Seminary Fund -- The County Press --- The Blacklegs and the Regulators.
        Chapter IV, by Weston A. Goodspeed.
Soldiers of the Revolution, of 1812 and of the Mexican War -- Loyalty and Disloyalty Shown When Sumter Fell -- Mass Meetings of Indignant Citizens -- The First Call for Troops -- The Progress of Enlistment -- County Bounty and Relief Fund -- The Enrollment and the Draft -- Interesting Incidents -- Celebrations -- Sketches of the Regiments -- Aid Societies -- Noble County's "Roll of Honor" -- Statistical Tables.
        Chapter V., by Weston A. Goodspeed.
City of Kendallville -- Its Appearance Forty-Five Years Ago -- Subseuent Improvements -- Merchants, Mechanics and Other Business Men -- The Original Plat -- Incorporation -- City Railroad Bonds -- Council Proceedings -- Education and Religion -- Secret Societies.
           Chapter VI., by Weston A. Goodspeed.
Wayne Township -- Reflections of an Old Settler -- Long List of Pioneers -- Life in the Forest -- Wolves Versus Domestic Animals -- Mr. Graden's Adventure -- The Old Sawyer Saw-Mill - Early Taverns and Drinking Custos -- Rollings and Raisings -- The First Schoolhouse and Teacher -- The First Religious Society and the First Church Erected.
        Chapter VII., by Weston A. Goodspeed.
Town of Ligonier -- Early Development -- Subsequent Improvement -- Appearance of Industries -- The Son of Temperance -- Fires -- Incorporation of the Village -- Secret Societies -- The Jews -- The Shipment of Wheat -- Mr. Gerber's Experience -- Education and Religion -- The High School - Statistics.
        Chapter VIII., by Weston A. Goodspeed.
Perry Township -- Roll of Early Settlers -- General Growth -- Deer Hunting by Night -- Rochester, Washington and Hawville -- Mills and Foundries -- A Distinguished Frenchman -- The Indians -- Education and Religion.
        Chapter IX., by Weston A. Goodspeed.
Town of Albion -- Catalogue of Patentees -- First Cabin in the Township -- Platting of the Village -- Early History and Subsequent Growth -- Incorporation -- Industrial Statistics -- Education and Religion -- Schoolhouse Bonds -- Sketches of the Religious Societies -- The Fire Fiend.
        Chapter X., by James M. Denny.
Jefferson Township -- First Families -- Journey to the West -- Indians -- Pioneer Industries -- Organization -- Churches -- Schools -- Incidents -- Agriculture -- Antiquities -- Manners and Customs -- Cemeteries -- Stock-Raising.
        Chapter XI., by Weston A. Goodspeed.
Orange Township -- Interesting Facts of the Early Settlement -- Early Pioneers -- Incidents in the Backwoods -- Saw-Mills, Grist-Mills, Tanneries, Woolen Factories, Etc. -- Rome City and the Reservoir -- Brimfield and Northport -- The Teacher and Preacher -- Island Park Assembly.
        Chapter XII., by Weston A. Goodspeed.
Allen Township -- First White Settler -- Catalogue of Pioneers -- Growth and Decay of Industries -- Villages of Lisbon and Avilla -- The underground Railroad -- Mr. Baker and the Indian Squaw -- Outwitting a Bear - The District Schools -- Teachers and Preachers -- The Catholics.
        Chapter XIII., by Weston A. Goodspeed.
Elkhart Township -- Life in the Backwoods -- Mr. Bourie and the Indians -- Anecdotes of the Chase -- The Early Residents -- Tibbot and The Wounded Buck -- Pittsburg, Springfield and Wawaka -- Education and Religion -- Pioneer Preachers and Teachers -- Incidents.
        Chapter XIV., by Weston A. Goodspeed.
Sparta Township -- Reminiscences of an Old Settler -- First Officers and Election -- Milling and Other Industrial Interests -- The First County Seat -- Village of Cromwell -- Experiences of an Early Pedagogue -- Education and Religion.
        Chapter XV., by Weston A. Goodspeed.
Noble Township -- Narrative of Isaac Tibbot -- Names of Early Zsettlers -- A Bear Story -- John G. Hall's "Corn Cracker" and Sawa-Mill -- Other Industries -- The Leading Town of the County -- Bristol and Nobleville -- Schools and Churches.
        Chapter XVI., by Weston A. Goodspeed.
York Township -- First Settlers -- Life in the Wilderness -- Early Saw-Mills, Grist-Mills, Factories and Other Industries -- Villages of Augusta, Van Buren and Port Mitchell -- Pioneer Schools and Religious Organizations.
        Chapter XVII., by Weston A. Goodspeed.
Green Township -- Early Events -- Settlement and Subsequent Growth -- Customs of the Pioneers -- Development of Industries -- Stores and Mills -- Interesting Incidents Connected with Early Schools and Churches.
        Chapter XVIII., by Weston A. Goodspeed.
Swan Township -- Incidents of Pioneer Life -- Mr. Timmerman and the Bear -- Early Hunting Exploits -- The First Saw-Mill -- Swan and La Otto -- The First Schoolhouse -- The Early Circuit Riders -- Relgious Societies.
        Chapter XIX., by Weston A. Goodspeed.
Washington Township -- Roop the First Settler -- A Pioneer Pot-Pie -- Catalogue of Early Settlers -- First Township Election -- Mr. Eagles and the Bear -- Saw-Mills, Grist-Mills, Tanneries, Etc. -- Pioneer Schools and Religious Societies -- A Fish Story.

  Chapter V., .
        Chapter V

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