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Proposal #3: Inducible tract-specific spinal cord injury

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Proposals Under Construction

We all know the incredible success and power of the Wikipedia format - entries are progressively refined by community members, resulting in more in-depth and balanced coverage than would be obtained from one author alone. SCIEnCE will feature the same type of mechanism, with several important differences, as seen below...

A companion website, ShareScienceIdeas, has been established to host wikified submission and improvement of scientific grant proposals.

Contributions should be in the form of NIH-style grant proposals, minus the preliminary data section. Eliminating the preliminary data section will make proposals more cutting-edge as compared to typical NIH grant proposals, which usually aren't submitted until a lab has had time to perform half of the proposed experiments.

Section headings

    * Hypothesis*
    * Rationale/Background*
    * Specific Aims*
    * Experimental design+
    * Discussion+
    * References*

"*" signifies that these sections are required in the original submission.
"+" signifies that these sections may be incomplete or even blank in the original submission.


Succinct is better, naturally.

Rationale and background - no longer than 750 words.
Hypothesis – less than 100 words.
Aims - no more than four bulleted Aims.
Experimental design - no longer than 1500 words.
Discussion - no longer than 1000 words.

Subject areas

Proposals relating to any scientific discipline at all are encouraged. The initial emphasis will be in the biological sciences. And yes, a few 'seed' proposals will be forthcoming soon to get the ball rolling...