Editing services for Authors

I think that one of the greatest difficulties that many self-published authors have is making sure that their product is free from spelling and grammatical errors. It is no easy thing to edit one's own work. You can read and re-read the same passage over and over and easily be completely blind to your own mistakes because, well, you know what you meant... and you're eager to get to the next event in the story.

Most new authors, especially at this point in history, are not rich people. They cannot afford to pay the sort of prices that most editors would charge. And so, far too many books are being released riddled with errors. I have on more than one occasion written to kindle authors to tell them that their work needs one more read-through. I had to tell one author that they had two major mistakes in their first sentence!

In one case, I actually went and helped an author out by doing a quick re-write of his short story. He was very grateful.

So, I want to make my services available to the community. My price is quite low, although I hesitate to publish it publicly. I'm not doing this for free, but you might have a hard time finding someone who will work as cheaply. Please contact me if you would like to discuss specifics. I will accept payment through Paypal in advance.

Here's what I will offer to do: I will read through your work twice. Each time, I will correct any spelling errors or simple grammatical errors that I see, and let you know about anything more complicated. I will not tell you how the story itself might be changed. I won't re-write. I won't co-plot. This is simply to correct spelling and grammar. I may or may not have comments on the story itself to share with you, but that's not my purpose.
I cannot guarantee that I will catch every error. I'm only human, but I do teach English by day, and you will notice that my own published work is free from these errors ( to the best of my knowledge.)

I think that it is of the utmost importance that we all release a professional product. It reflects poorly on an author when their work is less than perfect. More than that, it reflects poorly on the entire community of self-published authors.

Let me help you!
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