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May the true Mashiach come quickly in our day! 
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Derech HaShem: The Way of G-d
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The Noahide Covenant:   What the Bible teaches about the status of all men and women. Wholesome Faith without Jesus! The Noahidism is an extension of Orthodox Judaism (Biblical and Rabbinic Judaism). "Salvation" for gentiles apart from Christianity: All people on earth are Noahites, no matter what their religion is! Why not ask yourself this question: "Does my religion uphold to the standards of G-d?"  

Righteous gentiles paving the way for the coming of the Messianic Age! 

"There are two Paths of righteousness

 and the World -To- Come; the Torah Way for the Jews, and the Torah Way for the gentiles!"

Who can rightfully interpret Scripture?
What does Orthodox Judaism teach concerning the Noahide Covenant?
Why does the Church reject this authority and Jesus' teaching?

 The four spiritual losses of Christianity

  G-d really does have a place for you in the World-to-Come...without Jesus


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Lubbock has a group called "The Hebraic Center" on Inler between 4th street and 19th street.  It is on the right hand side going northbound on 179 next to a Baptist Church.  It is almost by 4th Street.  They meet at 9:30 AM Saturday mornings.  Their address is 809 Inler.  Rabbi Richman of the Temple Institute in the Old City of Jerusalem visits that group occasionally and he is their rabbi.  Email me for more information at mattityahu@yahoo.com
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