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N7W's questionable identity
  • UNESCO's disapproval of N7W's privately initiated, unscientific, undemocratic, highly mediatised, and commercially oriented voting campaign (July 9, 2007).
N7W's Unfounded Claims on Their Campaign's Massive Economic Effects
  • Prof. Kotler's two-page N7W study confirms N7W's claims on their campaign's enormous economic effects? Really? No way! Here is Why
  • Jeju Development Institute's "independent" and "objective" study of N7W economic effects? lol Its head is Jeju Governor, one of the masterminds behind Korea's N7W campaign! 
  • Jeju Development Institute's lame study on US $1.8 billion worth of economic benefits from the N7W campaign. Shame on JDI! More shame on N7W that advertises it as an independent, objective study that confirms its claims!
How N7W Baits the Gullible into Their Campaign
Interview with N7W
  • An interview with N7W, which reveals their sly sides.  Ready to see how stealthily they extort huge sums of money from your countries? 
News from around the World
  • Have you ever heard about Maldives and Indonesia? They already withdrew from N7W's campaign and leaked many interesting stories about how "skillfully" N7W has deluded governments and businessmen into their ridiculous competition.
  • Do you know how India was looted in 2007?
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