Ian Harding Biography

Plays 'Neil', 'The Fur Snatcher', 'Frank Sidebottom'.
Name: Ian Harding
Age: 30
Lives: Norfolk
Education: Hamond's High School Swaffham,
The College of West Anglia, City College Norwich.
Qualifications: GCSE Art, IGNVQ Art&Design, Btec National Diploma Graphic Design Dis/Dis/Dis.
2002-2005 Models Direct
2004-2005 Jaclyn 2000 Agency
2009 to Present Puppet Theatre
2010-2011  No. 73 Tribute Films
Why the reason to bring No. 73 back?:
As a small child i loved watching the show at the weekend!! my favourite original character was Dawn and Frank Sidebottom, i loved the house and the interior, the front door was so attractive and bold and warm, i used to get the comic called Look-in and there was every week a comic strip, i used to read these at primary school then my mum started buying them for me!! Ive always been creative scribbling all over the bedroom walls when you shouldn't do!! when no. 73 changed to 7T3 i did a drawing and wanted my mum to send it off but it didnt reach the post!! I have lots of memories of episodes and things that happened, like when the bathroom fell through to the living room and when Dawn was on her skates!!
You could say that i am one of the biggest fans of No. 73 and would like to see it back on our screens as a show again with this generation of Computer Games, Pop Stars, Interviews, Neils Art work, Films, Cartoons, Toys, Quizes! you name it! It could work in the present.
How the tribute films came about, is that on Facebook, there is a page called 'Bring Back No.73' so i thought for months until i said to myself i'm going to recreate the show, in a legal way with no original clips or sounds. I started scamping down ideas and drawings, then also who could play the characters with me in 2010-2011. the journey has been amazing so far with the scripts and the TV sets of how No. 73 was and the changes ive made to make it my own!! The films have been promoted in various ways stated below:
Eastern Daily Press x1.
Norwich Evening News x2.
The Advertiser x1.
The Lynn News x1.
BBC Radio Norfolk with Karen Buchanan.
Future Radio.
BBC Film Festival Norwich Forum.
FIlm Premiere Puppet Theatre x2.
Youtube Video Uploads.