Character Profiles

Neil: He is very Artistic and sensable! always inventing gadgets like the roller skates and its controls.
Harry: Is very wild and loves a good laugh,.
Dawn: is fabulous, but when getting her own back it usually falls back on her.
Kim: is bubbley and quite serious and a good at the giggles, but trys to sort things out.
Nadia: shes always buying clothes and shoes, her dress sense fit well, although when with Harry they both can become rather silly!!
Frank Sidebottom: Frank is a really nice pleasent guy, up for a song or too!! he won the last 'Golden Loaf Trophy' at 'The Sandwich Quiz' Game! 
The Postman: He delivers the post at No. 73, but once had a good knocking into by the Fur Snatcher.
The Fur Snatcher: She likes to steal valuable Fur Mink Coats and Mink Tails from expensive shops! but usually the police catch up with the long nosed Lady!!
Martin Edwards: Has a joking sense of humor! and plays on thing's a bit!!